How Connecting our Brains to Computers Will Create a New Kind of Human | ENDEVR Documentary

How Connecting our Brains to Computers Can Create a New Kind of Human | Artificial Intelligence | Investigative Documentary from 2019

The symbiosis of the brain and artificial intelligence will give rise to a new humanity, a kind of “super-humanity”. Brain-machine communication will allow that the cognitive capabilities of the human being will enhance, giving rise to the first augmented humans. Connecting brains will be done, and we’ll have powerful synthetic telepathy technologies. It’ll be possible not only to read other person’s thoughts but also manipulate them. Neurotechnologies are about to cause a radical social shift that will change the concepts of the inner self and the very reality. Neurorights will be key points, as it will be mandatory to regulate the privacy of our conscious or even subconscious thoughts.
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