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VICE’s Elle Reeve heads to China to investigate the rise of facial recognition technology — and what that means for all of us.

This report originally aired April 13, 2018, on VICE on HBO.

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Didn't the American also spy everyone in this planet 😂

Nikki Be says:

I wonder if watching cdramas would increase or decrease your score….🤔

kernowcycling king says:

this BS,more control for humanity,..

Poirei Angom says:

Every country do track in many ways ! Not only china

chris d says:

I'm so glad I live in America where we can fight for our freedom and this will never be come a thing knocks on wood

chris d says:

All this technology and they still can't make normal looking cars or actual good working phones lmaooo

Kurt Allen says:

Everyone needs more Infowars in their lives!; the whole big tech and major banking is making us all slaves slowly but surely. WAKE UP

Kurt Allen says:

They are begging the who to be the ones implementing it across the world, see a problem? Btw vice news is garbage and about to be nothing 🤣

Riajuu Explode says:

Damn… China be scary…

John Bragg says:

This is going to make world fascism so quick and easy. So I guess we've got that to look forward to.

Romania Insight says:

1984 George Orwell comming to reality

Shekinah Grace Dangonay says:

What if you're overseas and and go to their tiktok and say that their government sucks because they are owning other countries land …….maybe they can search where are you from even without your face

圣安地列斯 says:

To be honest, I think China should have more surveillance technology and advance level of them. And I think the United States shouldn't have any since literally everyone thinks that they are insecure.

Marty McFly says:

2:53 "it also ranks your Beauty" 😁😁

Maghreb Productions says:

2:47 😂

Shaun Britton says:

I think this is awesome we need this in England ild be a social butterfly my neighbor well he wouldn't be able to get a bus 😅😅 it rewards the good and punish the bad whereas in the west we praise the bad the good get told to shut up stop moaning were being screwed don't work get benifit work you get robbed 🤔🤔 skynet umm that sounds familiar even more a better reason to do this

pearvar77 says:

Cameras all around public areas.. what's the problem with that?
It's well now that if you want privacy better stay at home.
In my country cameras in public places have been very helpful for security. It's a real shame we don't have enough of them.

Andy Donkhead says:

1984 vibes. George Orwell knew what was coming. He was right

Jeff Xia says:

Weird, I wish Canadian government can install more, cuz it makes me feel more safer, less crime etc;)

villainoir says:

This is the reason there's no new season of Black Mirror. They want to stop giving ideas to China 🤷


It's ok we all look the same to them

建國川 says:

Vice shall also do how NSA tracks the world !

Muntenu Claudiu says:

Vai plm au scapat comunisti la tehnologie 🤣🤣🤣

Garrett B says:

Big Brother is spreading to the U.S. this technology will be brought to the U.S.

Sprutzy says:

To embarrass you? Boohoo I crossed the road early who’d actually give a toss?

Mlad Bog says:

10:35 look at the date


And that's how machines going to rule the world
This is scary

Gotobun in Girl's Frontline says:

What if the guy is a multi spy assassin and a ghost.
What I meant by Ghost is… He has no files, no IDs, no nationality, a man without a country.

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