How Biotechnology Is Changing the World | Microorganisms | Biotech | ENDEVR Documentary

How Biotechnology Is Changing the World | Microorganisms | Biotech | Business Documentary from 2019

Developing new medicines, breeding better plant varieties, making cleaning supplies more efficient – biotechnology uses natural cellular and biomolecular processes to develop new technologies or improve existing products. In this film, we look at some of the most promising products being developed now and explore some of the potential dangers.
The biotech industry can be divided into three main sections: medicine and pharmaceuticals, industry and agriculture and plant biotechnology. Examples include single-use cutlery made out of maize, plants with inbuilt resistance to pests and heart valves and cartilage that can be cultivated artificially. The possibilities seem endless, because modern biotechnology goes a decisive step further than previous methods. But as this film reveals, the targeted use of microorganisms is extremely complex and there are fears this technology can be misused.
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