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With the increasing rate of development in technology, we must wonder – when it will come to a point where the artificial intelligence we create surpass humans and when will ai take over the world? Inventions like the robot Sophia, or ASIMO are already frighteningly advanced – will robots replace humans one day in the near future?

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Daniel Baylis says:

Well Homo Sapiens ended the race of our ancestors that lived 200,000 years ago. They weren’t the same as we are today. Who says consciousness can’t be in the form of Robotics? It’s just evolution. We want our children to have it better than we had it, why not merge them w/ Machines and show them how much better it could be.

sumith raj says:

Good information 👍

Amazing Cyan says:

Humans are pieces of shlt
I wish humanity never knowned ai coz their are f** kids playing with fire 🔥 then will eventually burn them that's how ai works we are kids playing with fire that's is !.

Ultra _Instinct says:

BEST AI is used in Video Games: Completely harmless😂

Richie Shambharkar says:

when i got to know Deep blue beat garry in 1997, I was convinced AI will take over the world

cyber punk799 says:

Neuralink "-" beware

Anindo Mahmud says:

Honestly, at the rate humanity is going, I'd support A.I. takeover. At least, A.I. will not have the problems of religions, narcissism, North Korea and Donald Trump.

Ashton Wolf says:

I duno if Robots Took over the earth and Our lives what will happen to the Human race will there still be a Place for us To live as we see fit or will our Robot Overlords Forced Shockcollars on us and treats us as Slaves and Pets? That will ne the worst case scenario

Fucked Up says:

if you beat a robot with a baseball bat if he picked the wrong house would it be murder ?

Fireslays Mapping says:

The dislikes are AI

Ege Saranli says:

Maybe we are living in The Matrix, who knows?

LukeGames & DogmanFilms says:

iF i was AI I Would Spend all of my Money to A Sport's car an Mansion go Back in Time To Save Stephen Hawking's Everyone Should i Keep on Going Developing my Game? The Return to Freddy's 5 Reconstruction? Yes Or No? Pick you're Guest

LukeGames & DogmanFilms says:

If they Come i would Spend My Money on A Sport Car and Get Rich Now There is another Appeal AI Will Think not Take over Humanity The Werid Robot Asimo :O The AI Stephen Hawking's: The Full Development of AI Could Mean the End of the Human Race D:

LukeGames & DogmanFilms says:

:/ OMG The Return to Freddy's Chapter one That Game is on The Animatronics to Take over Humanity 🙂

TheFurballOfficial says:

where are your sources

Moses Asplund says:

thanks for the existential crisis

Void lightning says:

This is not good we need to get rid of robots like stealing
them and brake them down until we can handle them
WITHOUT A.I just basic weapons just in case
they start to you know what I mean but if hawking was
right we have 11 years to do so and at that time I’ll be 19 years old
So yea see you in 2031

only one Mr X Only one Mr y says:

I just shot my toaster. I saved the world.

cool name says:

Not if but when.

richard klegin says:

It wouldn't be AI that takes over. It be A.G.I ( artificial general intelligence. )

PaRayHD says:

Who is watching from July 2019

JC 40324 says:

Its already begun.

THE invincible channel with siddu says:

hey and make video on what if humans become an endangered species

THE invincible channel with siddu says:

your welcome! !!

THE invincible channel with siddu says:

and hey you make pretty good videos . keep it up!!!!

THE invincible channel with siddu says:

because I think you all know ultron a villain in marvel which is featured as a advanced ai that wants to control our world

THE invincible channel with siddu says:

I think it's a thing to be concerned

Karola Kowalska says:

Good job 😁

Rohan With Lego and Cube says:

I don't know why you are so infamous?? You are great!

Nice video man! Keep it up!

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