How AI & Chatbot Apps Are Transforming The Mobile Technology?

The mobile technology is getting ready for the future. Users will see various emerging trends helping businesses to collect useful data which can be used to increase the app user experience and user engagement.

Chatbots and AI is one such trending technology which is made to ease the pain that businesses are facing these days and to scale and support business teams in their relations with clients.

Currently, chatbots are present in some of the major chat applications like Slack, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, iMessage etc.

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According to a report by Grand View Research, the worldwide chatbot market is expected to reach $1.23 billion by 2025, an annual growth rate of 24.3%. Moreover, many mobile app development companies are coming up with their new chatbot and AI mobile apps.

Another technology which is one the rise is Artificial Intelligence(AI). AI is a deep founded technology that allow businesses to collect the data from the internet, and develop analysis that can help them to take the important actions. These days, AI is slowly being integrated into mobile apps. For instance, an app like Instagram uses AI to offer contextual content to its users.

According to Gartner, the year 2018 will be the year when we will see the rise in AI based apps. There are various examples where AI has already entered the mobile app world.

When the AI is combined with chatbots, you will find out more interesting and intelligent capability for mobile solutions.

In this post, we will talk about the benefits of using chatbots and AI in mobile apps and which industries are benefited from this.

Why Chatbot and AI is Required?

The most important that comes in mind that whether chatbot and AI is important for business or not. Let’s just say, every businesses in the near future is going to use chatbot for performing day-to-day business operations.

These days, many of the businesses are having their own call centers, where people sit and engage to solve the problem of their customers. This allow businesses to offer quick feedback to their existing customers.

Let’s talk about this in a technical term. Imagine what is instead of humans, there was method where robots could perform the same task? You can easily automate the entire process using chatbots. It would make the process easy and quick.

Moreover, chatbots and AI makes any messaging app solutions complete. Earlier, you had to type the conversations but, the chatbot will reply for you. This will help you in increasing your business and make sure that you have good engagement and customer conversion.

Benefits of Chatbots and AI in Mobile Apps:

The first and the most important benefit of chatbots and AI is that the customer interaction will be more engaging and lively. The chatbots will not get bored of your chats but, they will get to know more about user’s taste and preferences.

Moreover, with the chatbots and AI, you are not required to download an app for that task. Ask Google Assistant and Siri, and it will tell you everything.

This the way chatbots and AI will work in the future. They will work like your calculator, your music player as well as your booking agent. You have a bot, and you can do anything with it. There will be no need to download so many apps on your smartphone, thus saving a lot of space.

The chatbots are your friends. They will know you better and keep recommending you new things that you can do and listen to. They will customize everything according to your taste. The users will be more excited to have chatbots in their mobile apps.

Mobile app developers can identify all the benefits of chatbots and AI that suggests seamless deployment of the chabots for messaging or other activities and faster time-to-market.

Moreover, you can easily integrate chatbots and AI in your existing apps easily. With intelligent chatbot and AI, you can use all the features easily, and add some other additional features to your mobile app.

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Industries Where Chatbots and AI are Mostly Used

Here are some of the industries where chatbots and AI are being mostly used:

– ECommerce and Customer Service

The most common industry where chatbots and AI is mostly used is ECommerce and Customer Service industry. Due to their availability around the world to answer user queries. Chatbots and AI are going to replace this boring customer experience over phone lines or search tools for ECommerce website.

For instance, Ebay’s ShopBot has shown the potential of chatbot for helping their customers to find the ideal product they want by using digital shopping assistant.

According to, over 30% of ECommerce companies worldwide have integrated chatbots and AI in their websites.

– Healthcare

Another industry where the chatbots and AI is utilized is the healthcare industry. With chatbot analytics it makes it easier for healthcare providers to enhance the performance of these bots. Nowadays, talking to doctor can be difficult due to their tight schedule and costly due to less-serious ailments. WIth chabots you don’t need to visit the doctor very often when your disease is not serious. Chatbots will help you in diagnosing your disease.

According to, 10% of all medical institutes in USA are using chatbots to cure common diseases.

– News and Publishing

Another major industry where the chatbots and AI is used is news and publishing industry. Moreover, personalization is important for the success of media companies. WIth chatbots and AI it will provide them highly personalized services, this might be the ideal medium for delivering the content to viewers and readers online.

Just recently, CNN launched a new mobile app with chatbot integrated in it. Also, they added the functionality into Facebook Messenger where users can receive daily news updates.


Chatbots and AI are definitely adding quality to your mobile app, especially with the support for intelligence gained through AI. If you want to increase your mobile app downloads, and increase user engagement, it is time for businesses to think smart and different. Adding chatbots and AI to your existing mobile apps will give you an edge over your competitors and will help you in increasing your conversions.

There are a number of benefits associated with native chabot and AI development. Depending on the business requirement, analyze, and automate your existing business mobile apps with native chatbots and AI.

If you are not having enough knowledge about how to integrate chatbots and AI in your existing mobile apps than you should hire a mobile app development company or hire mobile app developers for the same.

Moreover, chatbot developers will also provide you good feedback on how to integrate the chatbot and AI. Therefore, machine learning, chatbot and AI are one of the most trending technologies nowadays if you want to remain ahead of your competition than you should definitely integrate it in your business applications.

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