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How smart can our machines make us? Tom Gruber, co-creator of Siri, wants to make “humanistic AI” that augments and collaborates with us instead of competing with (or replacing) us. He shares his vision for a future where AI helps us achieve superhuman performance in perception, creativity and cognitive function — from turbocharging our design skills to helping us remember everything we’ve ever read and the name of everyone we’ve ever met. “We are in the middle of a renaissance in AI,” Gruber says. “Every time a machine gets smarter, we get smarter.”

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Prashant Sharma says:

Black mirror baby!!

Bibhudutt Ray says:

From where can we get the video by AutoDesk in the video

easy life foundation says:

see my channel for save humanity

Kwang-je Baeg says:

"We are in the middle of a renaissance in AI"
It is definitely true !

Kevin Barrett says:

Sarah Connor? Neo? way to kill creativity.

zattiam says:

Black mirror

Melville Xue says:

Black mirror 2.0

Resul BİLKİL says:

Look "Black Mirror" series. There are not always good things about technologies. In this speech, he always talk about good side of tech. What if we want to forget about something but actually we could not. What if we break up a good relationship cause of always remember bad happened things. I am not saying that there are always bad things in technology industry. Diagnosis Cancer, Self-Driving Car (e.g. Tesla) are so wonderful things.

There are Good sides and Bad sides of technology.

Mark J. Kim says:

I turned it off as soon as I heard the word "Siri".

Artem Kovera says:

My book "How to Create Machine Superintelligence" is available for FRЕЕ in amazon kindle store till 5th October

ryan says:

people should wake up, especially the young people, witness, realize your in a boom generation, something big is going to happen soon, not bad, but big, something amazing

John Trauger says:

Two problems just off the bat.

1) AI's sharing my knowledge and memories is scary personal, scary invasive when we consider advertisers and worse government.

2) The inception (iused intentionally) of foreign memories and concepts into a brain. If we can restore a set of memories to an alzehimer's patient, can we convince someone to genuinely think they're someone else? or make dissent from government literally unthinkable? Or be bombarded by impulses to buy product X?

maybe we can educate a child is say 5 years but would you like them to come out with a standardized set of beliefs as well as a standardized knowledge set?

Keep large organizations out of my head, thankyouverymuch. I'm sure I'll sound horse-and-buggy old fashioned in 50 years too…

KidNewsYT says:

He is my second cousin, and I don't care if you don't believe me.

the king of android games says:

What's AI??

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