How AI and Human Decision Makers Can Work Together for Better Decision By Prof Yanqing (Yan) Duan

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A Seminar Series on The Digital Future for Business & Society: Perspectives on AI Challenges and Opportunities

Hosted Jointly by:

Professor Yogesh K. Dwivedi, Emerging Markets Research Centre (EMaRC), Department of Business, School of Management, Swansea University, UK


Professor Ramakrishnan Raman, Symbiosis Institute of Business Management Pune, India (Constituent of Symbiosis International (Deemed University), India)

Supported by:

Centre for Technology, Innovation, Management and Enterprise (TIME), The University of Kent, UK; Digital Marketing and Analytics SIG – Academy of Marketing; Grenoble IAE-Graduate School of Management – a Grenoble INP school of the University of Grenoble Alpes; Swansea i-Lab (Innovation Lab) – Swansea University; The e-Business and e-Government SIG – British Academy of Management; and The UK Academy for Information Systems (UKAIS).

The seminar series on “The Digital Future for Business & Society: Perspectives on AI Challenges and Opportunities” will present various perspectives from a number of leading expert speakers to highlight the opportunities and challenges posed by the rapid emergence of AI.

Seminar 9:

Seminar Title: How AI and Human Decision Makers Can Work Together for Better Decision Making: Emerging Challenges and Research Opportunities

Speaker: Professor Yanqing (Yan) Duan, Business School, The University of Bedfordshire, UK

Seminar Overview: The use of AI for decision making has been one of the most important applications in AI history, but it has always been contentious. With the resurgence of AI, how can human decision makers and new artificial intelligence work together for better decision making? This talk will review the AI development from a decision making perspective and share the speaker’s reflections on the lessons learned from her research on AI for decision making in the last two decades. Most importantly, the talk will discuss and highlight the emerging challenges and research opportunities on the applications of AI for better decision making.

About Speaker: Yanqing Duan (BSc, MSc, PhD, SFHEA) is a Professor of Information Systems and Director of Business and Information Systems Research Centre (BISC) at the Business School, University of Bedfordshire. Her principal research interest is the development and use of emerging ICTs and their impact on organisational performance, decision making, and knowledge transfer. She is a regular expert evaluator for various major funding bodies. Professor Duan has led and participated in many research projects on digital transformation and digital agriculture and aquaculture in collaboration with international, European, and UK partners. She has received many research grants from various funding sources, such as: European Commission, Innovate UK, UK Department For International Development (DFID), BBSRC, JISC, British Council, etc. She has published over 240 peer reviewed articles including papers in European Journal of Operational Research, European Journal Information Systems, European Journal of Marketing, IEEE transaction on Engineering Management, Information & Management, The Information Society, Journal of Business Research, Industrial Marketing Management.


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