How AI and automation are changing our relationship with work | Shane Lewin | TEDxEdgemontSchool

It’s common knowledge many American jobs are at risk of being automated. But this only tells part of the story: AI is fundamentally changing all of our relationships with work, both at the office and in our personal lives.

Shane works on developing an artificially intelligent digital assistant at Microsoft, which he hopes will eventually automate all of the uninteresting things that he has to get done during the day. Prior to joining Microsoft, as the Vice President of Product at Lumiata, he worked on early identification of chronic diseases using AI and machine learning. He’s held various roles in product and engineering at Netflix, Shutterstock, Gliimpse (Apple), and Powerset/Microsoft; all focused around scaling machine learned products.
He holds a MS in Computational and Mathematical Engineering from Stanford and degrees in Mathematics and Molecular Biology from the University of Colorado. When not working, he tries to spend as much time with his family, which unfortunately involves a lot of cleaning, scheduling and laundry. He’s trying to automate that, too.

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