Honda's Asimo: the penalty-taking, bar-tending robot

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Auto Express’ Mat Watson meets Honda’s robot Asimo in Brussels, where he plays football, dances and serves a drink!

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John Ron says:

Evil sick Communists: "It's "wraysiss" to require people of color to obtain IDs to vote, even though most people of color SUPPORT requiring voter ID!"

Also Communists: "It's not "wraysiss" at all to require people of color to get experimental vaccines and obtain COVID passports that they will be required to carry at all times!"

Also, Biden can send teams door-to-door to make sure people of color got their death vaccine, but he can't send teams door-to-door to help them get voter IDs????🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣,,,,,,..,.,.. ,

John Ron says:

BLM just pledged support for the Communist Cuban government that is shooting unarmed protesters in the street, which makes it 100% clear what they actually are: a Communist terrorist organization.  It's no different than when the "founder" of BLM, Patrisse Cullors, spent tens of millions of dollars in BLM donations on mansions for herself rather than putting that money into black communities.  It's all just a Communist conquest.  They say they're against "police brutality," but then support police brutality against innocent protesters in Cuba.  COMMUNIST HYPOCRISY.,,,,. . . .

Dave Henderson says:

Looks like we don't need to worry about these robots for now, they need to advance at least a thousand years.

Viajero Gasolero says:

El robot que le está haciendo falta a Voca Yuniors jajaja

Anirban Dutta says:

Honda is proud of INDIA 🔥

FeelFree3 says:

When CPU in the robot could calculate more than million times per second, the robots still walk like a person with leg injury.

rizwan ansary says:


Dave says:

This was 6 years ago. Imagine what kind of robots we have now

John Carlyl says:

While watching Terminator,My Dad said it is just fictional son🙄

Baybayin says:

Giant asimo

DEV says:

Who will be the first pet animal of Robot?😂

รัฐภูมิ เพ็งจันทร์ N8_2 says:


Boiled Potatos says:

Robots are impressive. I love watching these, the trick is don't try to make them look like us! Make them look like…this!

That Happy Guy says:

me: it's just a dumb robot

Asimo: 1:50 wuh you say 'bout me boi?

me: runs for dear life

iain barrie says:

In 20 years this will be the betamax of robots.

Matthew Velez says:

Make the robot be able to curve the ball, imagine if it scores a banger in the future

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