Historical Figures Recreated From Paintings Using Artificial Intelligence

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► A digital artist is teaching machines how to interpret paintings as real life people and results are amazing. Nathan Shipley is a San Francisco based artist who uses latest digital technology and in particular Artificial Intelligence to create some pretty cool artistic stuff. In 2018 he used Deepfake technology to bring to life Salvador Dali for the Dali Museum in Florida, who was able to talk and interact with visitors. In his latest project, using machine learning and generative art, he is exploring how artificial intelligence recreates historical figures from paintings. Please check video where some of his work is presented. And a warning again, please don’t freak out, I’ve added some subtle animation to give them additional layer of realism. Enjoy.

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Featured in this video:
King Henry VII, King Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn, King Edward VI, Queen Mary I (Mary Tudor), Elizabeth I (young, middle and old age), Mona Lisa and Rembrandt.
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Nathan Shipley says:

Thanks so much for featuring my work! 🙏🏻 This is great. These AI recreations have been fascinating to explore.

Mads Rock says:

No one else commenting on this peaceful music?

Mebarak Mebarak says:

الرحمة للءمواة

Christine Newsome says:

Ugly looking bunch

Ronnie Parker Scott says:

fuckin wow, wow, wow!!!!!!!

Sir Gazahad says:

I know they had different beauty standards back then, and that artists were told to embellish details, but the women need work. Even the young Elizabeth portrait, where she is quite pretty, makes them look like men in wigs.

Tombe Tombe says:

King Henry looks like a truck driver lol

Followers of The Way says:

This is amazing

Nicole Bowman says:

Is it possible for a video to be made of historical figures who suffered major inbred mutations and what they would look like today?

Marcio Gonçalves Dos Santos says:

fantastic 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Claudia Villar says:

Thanks for this experience. I like to study English history and I have always wondered about the real appearance of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. Congratulations on this genius.

juki0h says:

I'm waiting for Engineers to create a Holodeck to visit anytime in history.

Artur H says:

8:20 Mona Lisa got older but I would understand because Maestro Leonardo made her more beautiful than in real life.

Heather Johnson says:

What a wonderful video and thank you for bringing to life these historical figures especially the Tudors. Seeing them not just on canvas has really changed my perspective of them. Well done.

Jaime Alguacil says:

Rembrandt is between Mickey Rourke (The Expendables) and Ian Hill (Judas Priest Bassist)

Martha Silvia Jerezano says:

Un trabajo maravilloso, 👏

Harmony Quinn says:

The AI made some of them look too unnatural and inhuman.

saltosmooshie says:

Absolutely incredible. I always thought Anne Boleyn must have been incredibly beautiful, but based on this perhaps she was of average appearance. I was surprised that one of the portraits of Queen Elizabeth was interpreted as her having merely a pale face rather than it being painted white.

maya gagag says:

Why does the first backround song make u feel like a powerfull king or queen??

ソウ says:

Wow I didn’t know Putin was Mona Lisa

thrownasearched says:

can you give the young princess elizabeth/young queen elizabeth I a more pinkish complexion? she looks like she has some kind of disease now.

TheMilitantHorse says:

The Mona Lisa really reminds me of Putin. It's scary how much she looks like him in the recreation.

Nu11 says:

this is like an actual harry potter photo portrait

DragonsGD says:

Fucking scary!

Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard says:

Please do the Founding Fathers !!!

Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard says:

Absolutely the most amazing thing I have EVER seen !!! You really have brought them back to life !!!!

Ashley Kelly says:

King Edward – gigantic body, child sized head. 👑🤴🏼

Ashley Kelly says:

Wow, with the blinking and head moment this has definitely crossed the uncanny valley line! Incredible work to both of you!

John Muzic says:

Wow thank you sincerely for this incredible video 🙂 Its so amazing how much human modern DNA has advanced aesthetically in the past 50 years especially it seems the past 20 years…lets all not forget that back in their day these men and women were most likely considered to be extremely beautiful…Look at some of the most stunning women from around the world in 2021 and people, for some reason especially women, are astronomically better looking and most likely hugely more physically strong and taller with much bigger eyes and probably with a much higher IQ and a much enhanced ability to think abstractly ….better diet and exercise cannot account for how fast DNA has advanced very recently…human bones have been found that are homo sapiens from hundreds of thousands of years ago so back in the 1500's was still very recent compared to how long humans have been here..but science as we know it currently cannot account for the huge change …just eating more protein and vitamins and better schooling and much better forms of exercise and clothing and makeup cannot account for all this…very intriguing…look at some photos of families from the same town or village or family from the early 1900's even and then look at them today and they look like almost a different species because people especially women have gotten so much better looking and stronger and taller…maybe the very ancient antideluvian pre-cataclysmic giant size hyper smart Atlantean DNA from before the global cataclysm 12,900 years ago is now once again starting to re activate in small doses and come back online again…hopefully we'll all find out exactly whats going on one day soon…look at the mona lisa, who was probably considered to be a beautiful Italian woman back then, and then look at a modern very beautiful Italian woman from the past 50 years like Monica Belluci or a similar woman in her prime..then the staggering contrast becomes easier to see…500 years is a tiny tiny fraction of the amount of time that humans have been on this planet… 🙂

jennifer McDonald says:

Turns them into real people instead of historical figures doesn’t it?

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