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Mo Rebaie says:

It's interesting to get insights from the experience of AI pioneers like Yoshua Bengio.

Howard Yanxon says:

At 23:41, Bengio mentioned about what conference?

Ming Lee says:


Abdoulaye Diallo says:

The icône of deep learning, thank Andrew for making all these superheroes videos.

Alec Helbling says:

Professor Ng seems like such a lovely person. In all of the videos i see of him he always has a smile on his face. He seems truly passionate about machine learning and educating people about the topic because he sees it as extremely important to the world. I am grateful that people like him exist.

Elan Moritz says:

Definitely fascinating conversations! Lots to learn here. Interesting to hear the responses of the various experts to similar questions and gets a sense of what makes a difference and what does not.  Looking forward to the time that all of the interview videos are themselves fed into a sophisticated ML/DL environment and then asking that meta-ML questions 🙂

One area I believe is peripherally addressed but could use much more attention is the idea of Machine Discovery.

The Stupid will Inherit the Earth says:

RL coder/implementer/garage-madman….. I knew I always liked this guy. Great points on benchmarks, intuition, toy environments and math.

Alejandro Daniel Noel says:

Thank you for these videos! they are a very insightful resource on the history and current front of AI.

HPrieto says:

Currently reading his book "Deep Learning" and I love it!

Sid Sawyer says:

Dear Prof. Andrew Ng, Thank you for putting these interviews up. I am pretty sure I would not have had the time/place to ask these question to these heroes (which I dreamt of). Thank you for posting this interaction. Among all the noise, I get a signal towards my goal by watching these videos.

Shabbir Khan says:

It's amazing to see the ML heroes of our time converse!

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