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Happy Holidays from Boston Dynamics


DrH5N1 says:

today its funny tomorow they kill our children let and right

HawkingN says:

Truly the nerd way of saying happy holiday…
There is yet hope for humanity

anorak117 says:

Fallout 4 is in Boston. The institute is in fallout 4. The institute builds robots. Boston dynamics builds robots and is in Boston. Jesus Christ my grama is a synth

Quoc An says:

Give it a FAT thumbs up !

Joe Blow says:

Wonderful. But now we need a new one with SpotMini! Also, the last Spot in line looked a little tired, or like he hadn't yet learned the trot.

Domino - Spycron says:

In 2 years will we have the flying version of the robots?

Artur Ruschel says:

Santa claus from futurama anyone?

Central Bolsomito says:


Thiago Feliciano :3 says:

nao fecho com robo

fuyoutube vangogle says:

yeah, steuergelder

The Bat Channel says:

That was cute.

Glad you guys have spirit.

Tappa Tappa says:

Why does Santa have to be a female ???

Joani Risakotta says:

Christmas then : santaclaus with reighndeers and a sleigh . Christmas now: SEXY WOMAN IN A SLEIGH NAKED WITH ROBOTS PULLONG IT

Chocolate Mind says:

Terminator hiding as female santa claus with quad legged ai pulling it.

Enclave Soldier says:

Why do so many people think we're gonna get killed by these robots? They have no arms, just four short legs with rubberized tips, they are not able to outsprint a human, and they're light enough to kick them over so how do you honesty think THESE are gonna kill us?

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