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Update !! *** Full motion testing of the robot: ****

Gundam factory website :

Details on the robot.
Standing 60 feet tall (18 meters)
24 degrees of freedom
Weight of about 25 tons
Fully articulated fingers
Each hand is about 6.5 feet long
Each hand is abut 1,300 pounds
9,000 sq.-meter facility at Yamashita Pier Yokohama Japan

More information:



Chicken Noodle Soup says:

Omfg Japan is actually making gundams

Ark Ouano says:

And they say japan never had a chance in the cold war

Jaycron Parkola says:

How is that kind of movement physically possible when that thing weighs over 25 tons?

Tmb1112 says:

Hope they weaponize it quickly. December is alien invasion time and we really need some giant sword-wielding robots to fight them.

Kecko says:

when you take darling in the franxx too serious

just pinterest says:

in bungo stray dogs they will see a huge robot

frank lee says:

Years later…

3000- strike freedom
3110- unicorn
4000- make a gundam
5000- some people still haven’t gotten along with each other

Javanians says:

shit.. japan got serious in business
what a time to be alive

come as you are says:

Now all we need is a kaiju to battle test it

xolbor says:

i want to see the giant 1:1 scale eva take its first steps and fall in on its horn

Solomon Pachowiak says:

Meanwhile, in North Korea: sweats

Wait, is that due to Kim Jong Un's horrible diet, or the fact that there is a gigantic fucking robot being built 800 miles away?

Samer M. says:

Mazinger z 🙂

Iyerikhon Lauron says:


Kenny Velasquez says:

Who else is ready for live action Pacific Rim?

monica amison says:

Every sense super sentai came out they finally made

monica amison says:

Actually super sentai came out Japan made it real

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