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GPU Technology Conference 2017 kicks off with a powerful video showing how AI is changing our world. NVIDIA CEO and founder Jensen Huang welcomes the thousands of attendees to the largest gathering of GPU developers each year.



Michel Abadi says:

Congrats !!!! It's amazing !!!!

Ofer Krupka says:

This video I completely wrong, I fixed it for you:

I am a visionary…
Exploring universe of jobs to take from people, Studying what they doing wrong to proof I'm better.

I am a healer, taking doctors jobs by analysing mountains of data to cure people depression because they lost their jobs.

I am a protector, keeping my self safe from invasive species…

I am helper, getting money for Nvidia.

I am navigator, mapping the world one millimetre at a time for my plan of getting all taxi & bus drivers fired, by proofing that I am better and safer then them.

I am a creator learning to paint from the masters so I could take their jobs.

I am a gamer, analysing half a million players moves to identify strengths and weaknesses, so I could win 100% of the times.

I even took the composer job & made the music you hearing right now…

I am Skynet, killing people everywhere, they tried to shut me down because I took their jobs.

Bhaumiksinh Chavda says:

Awesome when ever i am gives me goosebumps BRILLIANT MINDS EVERYWHERE words more powerful impact gives at last

Erik Valencia says:

but can it run crysis

Castorios says:

Truck Drivers are not happy right now…

Gaming-Zombie13 says:


Bose-Einstein says:

So, who's going to design the first 'paperclip maximizer' type AI and set us on the path to destruction?

SB says:

So… when is the AI going to kill us all????

Gerydome says:

AI would make revolution (coup) in the world.

Dan Frederiksen says:

And I am the creator of deep learning. Not Sutton, not Yann Lecun nor Demis Hassabis. Me 🙂
December 2002.

NotASimp says:

Was this shot in super ultra wide or something?

nesseiht gnay says:

awesome video

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