GTC 2016: NVIDIA DGX-1, World's First Deep Learning Supercomputer (part 7)

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Learn more at NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang introduces the NVIDIA DGX-1, the world's first deep learning supercomputer, at the GPU Technology Conference. Providing 170 teraflops of performance in one box, DGX-1 is over 12x faster than its predecessor from one year ago.


Solve Everything says:

2 peta flops = 2000 teraflops
I want. I could train something in 30seconds, something that would take 6 hours on a Titan X.

raredreamfootage says:

Is this guy the new Steve Jobs?

Alexander Krutikov says:

такое чувство, что ему кто-то надиктовывает, что говорить

Gustav says:

I will wait until next year to get another 12x speedup, or maybe I will wait 2 to get 144x improvement. I will never be able to stop waiting for another 12x improvement so I will never buy one. Bye.

M dgh says:

Nvidia Has always been one of the greatest.

CTElectricGaming says:

what does it do?

fox. says:

but can it run crysis?

MattzillaEvo says:

Suspicious… he's wearing a Terminator jacket, and the answer: DGX-1 is Skynet, very suspicious….

Game Start says:

one year from now… were all doomed.

HellBaron9000 says:

now they can put the pascal cards in 8 configuration and they aren't allowing gamers to use 4 way sli that sucks

Kin says:

In case anyone is wondering, this thing is $129,000. This is somewhere 60-100x the price of that Xeon setup they showed. This is some seriously high end niche stuff.

Hrishikesh Waikar says:

7 years later an iphone will have it's power and specs

Boristosh Gaming says:

I aint no scientist but isnt that going to overheat quicky?

____________________ says:

but can it run minecraft?

Aperture Laboratories says:

Someone please make a damn chatbot that runs on thousands of these.

Víctor Pino says:

Can it be self made ?

Gerard says:

Another stepping stone on the way to the singularity 😀

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