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Starting in January 2021, we will replace the sticker, that is currently issued to lawful permanent residents, to extend the validity, of their Form I-551, Permanent Resident Card or GreenCard, with a revised Form I-797. lawful permanent residents file Form I-90, Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card, when their GreenCards expire, or are about to expire. The revised Form I-797 notice, will serve as a receipt notice for the Form I-90.

Notice of Non-Affiliation and Disclaimer:. US immigration channel is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with any government agency or attorney group. please consult an immigration lawyer for all the individual immigration needs.

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Anwar ul Haq says:

I have stayed more than 180 days outside usa. About 250 days due sickness and covid. Will custom officer allow me to inter usa. Pl give good news. Thanks. Dr. Anwar

Marco Portillo says:

Hi, I'm Marco. I sent to USCIS the documents to remove conditions of my green card 1 and a half months ago and I haven't received my I-797 nor any notification yet. What can I do ? … thank you in advance

L o u i e L o u i e says:

I lost my green card. I filled out the I-90 form and have payed for the fee. How long must I wait to hear back from immigration? Also I got a DUI 5 years ago, will tht affect me getting my replacement card? I need to get back to work asap cause bills and rent is getting backed up 😓

loulou jolie says:

Please what about if you apply for form I-90 by the lost reason?

Collinsh Mensah says:

Hello, my mom had filled in application to renew green card last year (6 months prior before it expires), been over 6 months. and still has not arrived. She has not heard anything back. Any suggestions on what to do

Muhammad Ejaz awan says:

When Green Card Expair how long time I need apply for new card and how much longer time need wait for new green card

bruh says:

How about people summit application before January 2021?

zubair ali says:


seye odunowo says:

What about I-751?

Cesar Sanchez says:

What about the 130 case? Started the case alomst 2 years ago an still haven't gotten the interview, how much more time?

Jean Flores says:

when are they going to finish our case from the virus started with the 130 form…..waiting for the letters for our case . I send in 900.more documents like they ask for back in may 2020…to texas. .waiting for national visa center now to process the final report for Visa

Ivy Vien Okrey says:

I am married to a US citizen for 1 year now. Can we apply for a green card already even if it's pandemic?

Mildred Mcfarlane says:

I got my permanent residence for my christmas and new year thank God , it was a burden lifted from me

Mark Saur says:

I've applied for renewal 5 months ago and my card is expiring in February, how can I get a sticker to get an extension while I wait for my card?

Mario Cantarella says:

Good evening. I have a green card IR-1 will expire in the next 10 years. So I want to know how long time can I stay outside from the USA each year,for not have any problems with immigration ? Thank you so much 😊


Hey bro with plugging did you use in this video


Any Good news for asylum seekers?

Patience Nwaokolo says:

What of first time applicants….

Laura A says:

What about the I-751? I filed last December and I haven’t received any notice of receipt from the USCiS.

Ema Hussain says:

My parents green card is expired what they should do now

crisgilda garcia says:

12 months validity

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