GOTO 2017 • Improving Business Decision Making with Bayesian Artificial Intelligence • Michael Green

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This presentation was recorded at GOTO Copenhagen 2017

Michael Green – Machine Learning Expert and Artificial Intelligence Evangelist

In a world where deep learning and other massively scalable perception machines are at our disposal, allowing us to build amazing applications, the time is now ripe to move beyond the concept of pure perception and into broader Artificial Intelligence (AI). The path towards AI goes through what’s missing in many applications today; Inference. Only when we combine Inference machines and Perception machines […]

Download slides and read the full abstract here:
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Aaron Trent says:

I am very interested in AI and Machine Learning and this has been a great presentation if only for making me think of the things we don't know yet. Also I understand the prediction of 'Super' AI being really far away, but I would caution predicting such innovations are far outside our reach. I mean Bill Gates famously said we will only ever need 486KB, yes kilobytes, of RAM. One innovation may shorten the gap considerably between now and our achieving a sentient AI.

Mauricio Costa says:

Very inspiring. MCMC, Bayesian and Probabilistic Graphical Models will be my new learning path.

Jop van Raaij says:

Link to get his docker container for learning anything :).

Jan Janso says:

what an awful comment about global warming denying. it is actually one of the best cases of bad statistics usage and very biased look at data

Shaunak De says:

Absolutely loved this presentation! I wish I could have lunch with this guy and ask him a million questions.

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