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Why AlphaGo is NOT an “Expert System”:

“Inside DeepMind” Nature video:

“AlphaGo and the future of Artificial Intelligence” BBC Newsnight:

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anubis paradox says:

deepmind next time say thanks to the doctor who helps

Sterling Bruno says:

I want this AI to produce 1000 dollars a week for me for the rest of my life. Make some calculations given the data I give it, and have it produce results.

Sauce ? says:


Toby Turner says:

The world's hardest game is ancient? Nobody has made a harder game since ancient?

Brad Adult says:

Wooooow it's about Fukin time the non-government created an ai that can control a robotic skeleton.

Wardemonxi says:

I don't understand how anyone could not be worried. In my mind its almost a certainty that at some point with multiple different versions of AI out there learning that one AI goes down the wrong path and takes actions that are detrimental to humans. At that point maybe our only hope would be using another AI against it.

Az Én Playem says:

"General purpose AI… AlphaGo"
PLEASE, this program is awesome, but absolutely not general purpose !

FL studio begginer! says:

3:38 Ubisift Logo

Bob Esponja Pantalones Cuadrados says:

You can create hyper mega god like intelligence, if people don’t adopt it in meaningful ways is not real technology, just a failed experiment.

Nicholas Coffey says:

Sooo could we get Artificially intelligent npc’s? This would be dope right??

Mike Johnson says:

The world is dyeing

iseeroadkill32 says:

There is already creative AI that has created unique music and art. Aiva is an AI that creates music used in soundtracks for games and movies. It has also from music festivals.

Another AI can create unique art within or outside the parameters of art created throughout history. It's artworks have also been compared to and rated higher than human art at art festivals.

For a good read on the capabilities and future of Artificial Intelligence read Homo Deus by professor Yuval Harrari. Or just watch his videos on Youtube.

The future is coming!!!

JK Volley says:

I would love to see it play a more diverse game like GTA V, but what if it wants to become an O.G cause it can use its own intelligence. Probably best for a more friendlier game than GTA V and DOOM

mwsx says:

humans are machines that learned troughout millions of years of evolution and they took over nature.
machines won't need that much time to evolve and take over since they are wayyyyy faster than us : )
i mean its basic logic tbh, take the time * learning and eventually machines will be better than us in everything and out of our control

Daniel Stone says:

When you discover that the top guy in the team who created A0 is what you expected….ASIAN!!!!

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