Google refreshes Now with conversational Google Assistant

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At Google I/O 2016, CEO Sundar Pichai announces a spruced-up version of Now, called Google Assistant, which lets users have a two-way conversation with their smartphone, tablet and watch.

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iHelloway says:

movie * her * is becoming more real and real

Devo Fauzan Rahman says:

"is batman v superman good?"

"sadly, no" showing bad reviews


Hannes Ziegler says:

When is this actually available?

Ryan Collins says:

impressive I like it, it's a step up google know. 1 thing I hope they do change is the robotic voice it's too boring in a way it sounds dual

OhMyBooda says:

I always hated voice commands because it felt so broken and never even worked most of the time. On the other hand, I love siri and think it is the ebst in terms of voice assistant. This however seems even better. But lets see if Apple has made improvemenets of their own this June.

Thanaen says:

Suck on that, privacy.

MioChan says:

Do I even need to touch my phone anymore?

sai krishna says:

is it coming as a separate app or as an update to the existing one?
and when is this coming?

skeet beet says:

is it coming out with Android N

Athelstan says:

I want a Google Assistant with whom I can keep intelligent discussions like Selma from Time Trax.

Kensley says:

Siri already have these features

Black Domain says:

Jobs was the first.

Terry Olay says:

Maybe now Google now will be more tolerable

YVED by DEVY says:

I thought the newest beta update with all the emojis and colored emojis was gonna be the biggest change for everyday users in Android N.. lol I thought waaay wrong. 😂

YVED by DEVY says:

so glad I picked the Nexus 6p.. I knew it was the better choice over the iPhone 6s. I ALMOST fell for Apple's bs.. Android just keeps getting better and better.. holy crap

dragonsxx23 Na says:

Yo can we get this with regular google search … Haha its kinda 20 years old tech mostly.

Brodo Faggins says:

But most importantly, does this mean that it can tell jokes like siri?

Yathu prem says:

The amount of info collected is huge !! Also how the assistant book ticket? Does it pay the money automatically?? That's some dope !!

cdude100 says:

google brain is finally coming to life

bobbyright2010 says:

If you don't own a nexus device then you'll never get this.👎

AG64 says:

Hound already does this >_<

Scotti Pimpin says:


Douglas says:

Another useless feature. Google employees are so pumped in marijuana that they don't know what to do with their time and money.

Tell me who uses Google now to ask how high is Eiffel tower? Why would I use Google assistant to ask who directed Revenant? Could you please make a feature I can actually use on my day to day personal life and work?

I want to make a quick note while I'm driving and its not possible because of always online bullshit. So much money and effort put into useless crap that nobody uses.

Kalvin One says:

as Google have very bad developers… they never test with people in the real life before…their developers think they are they best so no test at all… full of bug, everything is difficult, useless finally… how many times my OK Google starts itself when watching tv??? their developers never test in real life…it's a fact.

Johnny Lucas says:

Google is the real life skynet!

foxroano9t says:

it took off Civil War which was great for the kids, it's building it for users around the world yet only showed off one language…….. Yah I'm good with typing thanks

Unays Sheikh says:

I really hope this isn't just for android n as I'm still on lollipop on Nexus 4

CriticalGamer says:

I love that he uses the word should, so that if it doesn't work out that well, he won't get too much slack.

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