Google Keynote (Google I/O'19)

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Learn about the latest product and platform innovations at Google in a Keynote led by Sundar Pichai.

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Gopal says:

It's high time Google transitioned to a paid subscription service. It could be a differentiated one, with the degree of privacy and the degree of ad display being in inverse proportion to each other. Just with this, you can achieve carbon neutrality 5 years earlier, need I say more?

Nazmul Karim says:

Why not Palestine 🇵🇸 is not in Google Map?

Md Nayem Mia says:

Where is the customer care of Google smart phone, sir, if Kindly said a little

Md Nayem Mia says:

Sir, a small request to you

Raghavendra Prasad.S.G says:

Come on…. It's archana not Arjuna at 8:17
In the captions

Mederegnarou Zakarya says:

Does the Google AI healthcare team includes medical doctors ?

Rhys Elliott says:

This has less likes than Apple's event and it hasn't even stzarted

Krishana Paswan says:

Google has really changed the way we live… Thanks to Google

Nidheesh Gupta says:

Sundar Pichai…. You are the best.. You had Brighten up the name of India

Xbox with Lawrence Tecson says:

1:26:09 Introducing Google Pixel

Vihaga Manodya says:

I will go one day

Vincent Serna says:

Google is evil

ae Ratchanon says:

its 2021 now.

Marcel Patel says:

Love Google Pixel phones. Pixel phones work seamlessly, great cameras and great apps that are easy to use.

Immortal Phoenix says:

1:00:10 Google use signal wow

OpenYourMind says:

Google is not Apple!!!
…if you know what I mean ;)))

Vijenthiran Thamilamuthan says:

when 2020 i/o
i am exitedd to view 2020 i/o

Feng lu says:

i have just changed from apple to google. i have faith in them.

Voyage of Little Liya says:

Google always present us surprises which are beyond our expectations.. I love google.. <3 <3

American Citizen says:

After all these years someone FINALLY added a physical switch to turn off the camera and microphone. Better late than never.

Elijah Lewis says:

killed that

Eduardo Castro Dias Junior Edu says:

Good morning how are you What's your name My name is Eduardo Castro Dias Junior

翁聖凱 says:

Thanks family I Love You

Richard Daris says:

"ACTUALLY" you can save gigabyte into "a pixel" of thing.
Try it.
It will change everything about "cloud space" on the net.

Richard Daris says:

Hi Google. I'm from Indonesia.
I suggest to Google I/O to create all "your" apps automatically use "without" download.
That's "the real" innovation.

Keshav khatri says:

Sir , my question is that how can I get a job in Google.I am 16 years old pls tell me .. I am from India.🙏🙏

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