Google I/O 2018 keynote: Sundar Pichai talks emojis, AI advances and more

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Google CEO Sundar Pichai started off the 2018 developer fest on a rather cheesy note! He spoke about fixing bugs in things that matter such as the burger emoji and floating foam on beer mug emoji! And, Artificial Intelligence had to be on top of things. Google aims to open AI centres around the world, and utilise machine learning for revolutionising healthcare. Listen-in.

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pradip sarkar says:

hi mark and mukesh ji

shabeeb c says:

Proud of you sir

Sunita Srivastava says:

Sundar can you tell your PRIVACY joke again????????

Sushrey says:

Please give advice on how to protect my privacy from Google?????????

Juszt Freinds says:

How to keep my discussions with my wife safe from Google???????????????

Deep Desire says:

He is bullshitting. he has no skills and no knowledge of software. FYI google health shut down its operations so whatever he is talking here is epic fail !!

Ranjith Kumar says:

Ya he is our indian we proud for it indian like heare

Singha says:

I like his speeches very much.

vasant kendre says:

I remember this that if you want to do do for your country he is doing for our country more and for the world

FY | FRAG says:

🍔 🍺really 😆😆

Sailakshmi Kakinada says:

He is soo cool


proud on being indian

vk says:

He is a pride for INDIA🇮🇳❤

Juszt Freinds says:

Crack a new joke
Sunder : PRIVACY

World Affairs says:

Hey Mr. Indian Google, how is it possible that when you and your people take a dump in the open field in broad daylight in India, how come your toilet becomes invisible but you don't?

Hasmukh Gohil says:

Proud of India

Nothing Much says:

How cool he is 😁😊😊😍

arun eshvar says:

I like your video sir

Ramesh Singla says:

Only politics
My side Hecked and used politics
Why sir Why

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