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The Google Cloud Platform Tutorial video will cover all the important concepts of Google Cloud Platform. Google Cloud Platform is a set of cloud computing services provided by Google that runs on the same infrastructure that Google uses for its end-user products like, YouTube, Gmail and more. In this video, we will be looking into what is GCP? GCP tutorial, AWS vs GCP, GCP web hosting, Google cloud ML, GCP fundamentals, Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals (CP100A) Certification Training.
Below are the topics we will be discussing in the video today:
00:00:00 What is GCP?
01:32:37 GCP Tutorial
03:08:50 AWS vs GCP
03:17:03 GCP Web hosting
03:36:14 Google Cloud ML
03:38:38 GCP Fundamentals (CP100A) Certification Training

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Simplilearn’s Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Architect certification program will empower you with the skills needed to advance your career in cloud architecture and become a certified Google Professional Cloud Architect. The course covers IAM, Networking, cloud storage, and much more. Simplilearn’s online Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Architect certification course introduces you to the flexible infrastructure and platform services provided by Google Cloud Platform. In this course, you will learn how to analyze and deploy infrastructure components such as networks, storage systems, and application services.

Key Features:
1. 100% Money Back Guarantee
2. 20 hours of online self-paced learning
3. 20 demos included
4. Industry-recognized course completion certificate
5. Lifetime access to online self-paced learning

Eligibility: This Google Cloud Platform Architect course is well-suited for: Software developers, Cloud solutions architects, Systems operators, DevOps engineers

1. Knowledge of Google Cloud Platform fundamentals or any cloud platform is beneficial.
2. Basic knowledge of command-line tools and Linux operating system environments.
3. Prior operations experience in deploying and managing applications, either on-premises or in a public cloud environment.

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phil says:

I love APIs

Varun T says:

Very Good Session.

Sanaulla Assadi says:

Could have explained better. But thanks for the video

Ruchira Joshi says:

Hi edureka, I want to start my career in cloud but I don't have IT background only that I have worked for Cloud company for 3 months as Technical writer, Could you please guide?

Samarth Santosh says:

Is this video lectures enough to clear the Google cloud platform fundamentals certification?

akaneno akpan says:

This is very interesting

Vinay M says:

Awesome video. Thank you 🙏

Tanushree Nagar says:

I watched whole video 📹 it's nice 👌 😌

Rajat verma says:

I think Ferrero has migrated to AWS now, and using AWS S3 storage and other PaaS of AWS

xtionluver says:

"I am going to choose.. " massive cliffhanger.. now I am prepared for ZSJL cliffhanger..

btw wait till GCP gets more market share.. it will increase it's cost too.. cheap services are a way to woo customers.. typical

Music_vibe says:

Make the title as how to create VM instance via GCP!!

harshad mehta says:

Hey, Tell me by watching this tutorial, will I be able to learn full GCP concept as per indusrial demand.

Gobal Krishnan V says:

Super Google cloud platform ,nice

Harsh Gupta says:

Please make a video on full course of c++, python, ms excel, r, etc

sunday ogamune says:

What are the system requirements? Also is a software needed for the training ?

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