Google Cloud AI Platform Overview

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AI Platform allows one to train machine learning models at scale, to host trained model in the cloud, and to use model to make predictions about new data.

AI Platform allows one to train model using built in algorithms and custom algorithms. It enable distributed training, use hyperparameter tuning, and accelerate with GPUs and TPUs.

The AI Platform prediction service allows you to serve predictions based on a trained model, whether or not the model was trained on AI Platform

In this video I will provide overview of Google Cloud AI platform and in further videos I will deep dive into individual videos


Cloud WithUs says:

Awesome coverage of AI. Better than google guys video. Kudos

Mithun Chandra Saha says:

Nice Explanation.Sir

Hamzah Alahmadi says:

Are there other videos explaining Google Cloud AI Platform in-depth?

Ankur Kulshreshtha says:

This overview is better than their own channel's marketing tutorials!


Hi! Sir,
I am reaching you out from Ireland. I couldn't fetch more information of AI notebooks. I started training in google AI notebook but it is saying server disconnected quite often, I believe it is because of the internet issues. Is there a way out if I run a notebook and close the browser and open it later after the training is completed? Look forward to your positive response.

Francke Peixoto says:

☆☆☆☆ overview! 👏👏

Karndeep Singh says:

Sir, I need the help regarding the implementation of the BERT algorithm. Please share the resources to learn and grow. Thankyou

murali krishna says:

Your Playlists are entirely new and fun!

Rajib Das says:

Would like to learn from a teacher like you … do you have any private class, i want to learn depth in machine and deep learning

Rajib Das says:

I am a Data Scientists , i have 5 months experience in data science filed , your learning pattern is really good .

Priyadarshi Soumya Kumar says:

Finally I can follow along the course.

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