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From Google I/O’18
This is really some fascinating stuff.



Brenda Martinez says:

Realmente sorprendente la capacidad de la IA para adaptarse

a una conversación y responder de forma

coherente y natural.

Brandon Paddock says:

I like how this tech just still doesn’t exist 2 years later

Elliott James says:

I thought this was the reverse where it books clients for you. They dont have that yet?

Corkoth55 says:

Soo.. when will it actually be able to do this?

Sana omar says:

it is the illusion that you are following , not the facts .

Sarge says:

Dumbest fucking thing ever.

fadil gc says:

anjir gua hidup dijaman apa ini..??

MthrFknEvl says:

They should be forced to place support calls before public availability, if Google cannot make a machine that can communicate with the average Asiatic cube farm, or cube farm filled with Asiatic visas… Then it serves no purpose to humanity except to decrease quality of life. But if I could say "Hey Google, call O365 support and tell them our tenant is down… again…, and be sure to sound pissed!" with results? Then I would buy a room full of them…

Morgan Walker says:

that ummm-hmm sounds sooo funny and cute at the same time lol

Jamie Swain says:

Yet another way to get even lazier

Parabalani says:

Good look using this in UK

Cosvic says:

What if Lisa is a hair big man.

Rodionnx says:

OMFG, it is like T-800 who was mimicking Sarah Connor mother's voice in Terminator-1 movie…

DoubleA2047 says:

Me: Google Assistant, please order me a pizza.

… 45 min later …

Me: Google Assistant, what the heck is this?

GA: Ummm, It's a salad. Your wearable biosensor says you are at high risk of heart disease. Sooo, no pizza for you.

Me: * throws GA in the bin *

404 ERROR says:

Holy shit this is insane 😮

Karp says:

Still want a HAL's voice as an assistant

Алексей Тучак says:

they're both bots:)

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