Getting some air, Atlas?

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Mdryle Zane says:

Gaame over man, game over, what the hell we're supposed to do know

ToP SaMyRaY says:


Евгений Журавлёв says:

и казалось бы причем тут украина

Zachary James says:

How not cool.

RioGameing 1122 says:

He coming for us!?

Frebo the great says:

The future is now

Dimitri Dost says:

Read my new book: "Boston Dynamics and the end of Civilization"

Sean Tolan says:

Cylons! lol

OptimalCat says:

Just imagine one of those things chasing you ?‍♂️

Alien Guitar says:

But does it djent.

dontbleedthadalo says:

This 30 second video had a commercial ad before it played. These ads are getting ridiculous and are getting worse than normal television. I’m honestly starting to hate YouTube for it and might stop using it altogether eventually if nothing changes or if it gets even worse.

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