Get Started with Machine Learning and AI in 2023

This video we walk through a roadmap of how to get started in machine learning and AI. It can seem like a lot at first, but in this video Rob Mulla, kaggle grandmaster, breaks down his suggestions for anyone looking to start in this field. This is a good entry into anyone looking to start a career in data science or machine learning. We break it down into a few steps. This will help you map out your path to becoming a machine learning master including: which programming language to use, what courses to take, and the rest.

00:00 Starting your journey
00:46 Picking a programming language
02:00 Math & Statistics
03:10 Data Wrangling
03:44 Learn Algorithms
04:45 Picking a Focus
06:50 Tools
08:06 Learn through Doing (Kaggle)

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