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J Y says:

'Paranoid much?

RMF says:

Deman? Come on now…

fivfor321 fivfor321 says:

Hey vbadd777 Quantum physics doesnt work like that Cause I've been doing quantum physics experiments for over thirty years And yes I am a genius And as for the quantum computers They cant be possesed by demons or a demon Because demons can only take possesion of living things Things that have blood flowing through them (According to what the bible says And GOD is not going to go against his own word) Not things made of clay, steel, wood, or anything else And that of course includes computers From the bible is where I got that info. from Now the Devil is trying to pull a fast one on GOD And what he is going to do is build a machine with inteligence Because he knows that GOD will not be able to fuck with it Because like I said before GOD will not go against his own word Now this is what the Devil is going to do and why He is going to build a machine with human inteligence Why ??? Because in the bible GOD did curse the earth But the only things that have sin in them Are the humans Not the animals Or the elements Because remember that GOD excepts the "BLOOD SACRIFICE" of a lamb Why ??? Because animals dont have sin flowing in their blood Only we humans do And there fore when he builds this human like intity It will be clean of any and all sin And this is what GOD is not going to like Because he GOD will not be able to corrupt it or be able to tempt it with any other lower level demon and cause any kind of division amoung the demon higher archy Because thats what GOD does As GOD would do to JOB of the old testement And as well as to other humans of course In this manner the Devil can insure that this intity that he is going to creat (build) will be untouchable by GOD He wants to make sure that he follows all of the rules GOD has in his bible pertaining to how he (GOD) controls, munipulates, posseses anything on this earth And he is making sure to go around all of that bullshit That is why and what he is building And now you know why !!! And as for quantum computing What a quantum computer does when it computes is That it touches a place in another place Like an area found somewhere else That is not here Wether its in the past or present or future Maybe its a deminsion maybe it isnt Who knows I believe that No one really knows From my own experiances from my experiments All this demon stuff about demons coming in Is not true Because GOD is the one who is going to be the one releasing the Idiot Devil Lucifer the main Idiot On to us on this earth And as for bringing in demons Well anyone can do that with certain occultic symbols How do I know Cause I have done that before I was expirementing with black magic or whatever its called For the purpose to steel me some science from the supernatural world So that I can use to exploit nature just like GOD does From these idiot demons Yes I am an all around scientific mind I have exploited anything and everything that I could get my hands on To get some scientific knowledge out of it For Me One thing I can tell you about is that nobody knew about bit coin before I did And so many other things that one can know by doing and working with quantum physics the way I do No One Does It Like I Do …………….Now Quatum physics is like having a giant ouija board / chess board literally When you touch something , desturb it , come in contact with it what ever You will get back a responce wether its the responce you wanted or not Thats what you are going to have to wait to find out Because sometimes you get a responce instantaneously And sometimes you have to wait for an hour a day a month a year five years ten years or even longer But you will get a responce You can bet on it But you better be ready and you better be prepaired Cause you dont know what its going to be It could be good it could be bad Now thats the qay I do my quantum physics Im not going to you how I do it Thats My Secret But this is how quantum physics works for me Cause of the way I secretly do it ……But for the computer It doesnt do it the way I do It has a limiter built right in Inorder to give you a responce sooner or faster Because the ones who built it dont want to be sitting around waiting for the answer to arrive And they built these computers on the same premise that the old spark to antenna type of technology that was first used to build a radio They Put A Gap Between the sender and the recieving end to catch what ever they can instantaneously when they send out that electronice signal to desturb that "Other Side" so to say of nature You could call it Deminsion , Other realm , Other world , Anti-matter , what ever you want to call it Thats how those computers work They have a microscopic gap built into alot of its cercuits (Hard Ware) Thats the way they are doing it Well you didnt gear it from me What they do is split an electron , particle , which ever And send it across that gap And then catch it on the other side kind of like you would catch a spark with an antenna But it just utilizes a smaller gap At a microscopic level very small extremely small Thats how its done In a quantum computer And I just told the whole world on the internet how its done Now you know just a little bit of what I know Cause Im not going to tell you everything Thats for me to know And for you to never find out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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