Geordie Rose discusses summoning demons and imprisoning them inside quantum supercomputers

According to Geordie Rose, the demons have cosmic indifference but are not evil. He is aware of what is being summoned, but he still does it. Obviously, he has no idea that he, too, is evil. It’s unsettling that he refers to the quantum computers as if they’re altars to alien gods.

Geordie Rose is a founder and CTO of D-Wave. He is known as a leading advocate for quantum computing and physics-based processor design, and has been invited to speak on these topics in venues ranging from the 2003 TED Conference to Supercomputing 2008.His innovative and ambitious approach to building quantum computing technology has received coverage in MIT Technology Review magazine, The Economist, New Scientist, Scientific American and Science magazines, and one of his business strategies was profiled in a Harvard Business School case study. He has received several awards and accolades for his work with D-Wave, including being short-listed for a 2005 World Technology Award.Dr. Rose holds a PhD in theoretical physics from the University of British Columbia, specializing in quantum effects in materials. While at McMaster University, he graduated first in his class with a BEng in Engineering Physics, specializing in semiconductor engineering.

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*They have opened the gates!