Generative AI in Finance: Can Artificial Intelligence Transform Your Business?

Explore the transformative power of Generative AI in Finance! Join us in this insightful conversation delving into the impact of Generative AI on Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A). Discover how this technology is revolutionizing finance teams, empowering them to generate actionable insights, improve strategic decision-making, and elevate their roles from traditional reporting to strategic advising. Learn about the essential skill sets for future finance professionals, the evolving role of CFOs, and how AI is reshaping the landscape of financial analysis. Dive into the world of AI-driven finance and witness the shift from Excel-based tasks to strategic data-driven guidance! 📈💡

Key Highlights:
00:00 The impact of Gen AI on finance teams
01:54 Key benefits of Gen AI for finance teams
05:49 Office of the CFO & the effect of Gen AI
07:18 Important skillsets of FP&A professionals
11:19 Is AI going to take your job?
13:40 Advice for beginners
16:50 What the future of Gen AI in finance looks like

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