Generative AI in Cybersecurity: Rise of the Machines?

SANS AI Cybersecurity Summit 2023

Speaker: David J. Bianco, Staff Security Strategist, SURGe by Splunk

In recent years, generative artificial intelligence (AI), especially Large Language Models (LLMs) like ChatGPT, has revolutionized the fields of AI and natural language processing. From automating customer support to creating realistic chatbots, we rely on AI much more than many of us probably realize. The AI hype train definitely reached full steam in the last several months, especially for cybersecurity use cases, with the release of tools such as Stable Diffusion, Mid-journey, DALL-E, ChatGPT / GPT-3.5 / GPT-4. Unfortunately, almost all of this attention focuses on the potential negative impacts of AI, while ignoring beneficial use cases to help organizations defend their networks. As we know, disasters almost always make for better primetime news viewing than cute puppies, and most of these articles have big “if it bleeds, it leads” energy. But is all this negative hype warranted? Let’s examine a few concrete use cases and find out!

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