General-purpose AI: making sci-fi a reality? – Daria Hvížďalová

Daria is a project manager at the international R&D company GoodAI, which focuses on building general-purpose artificial intelligence to automate cognitive processes in science, technology, business and other fields. Daria’s mission at GoodAI is to shape the AI ecosystem in CEE to empower research on general-purpose AI. This is done through various activities, lectures, events and projects for both research and business. One example is the General AI Challenge which will be held in Prague in August 2018. It’s an international citizen science project launched by GoodAI with $5m in prizes. Before joining GoodAI, Daria was in IT management consulting and business development in Russia, Belgium and the Czech Republic.

Spending long nights studying for exams, how many of us dreamt of a future where you just upload knowledge into your head & become superintelligent at once? While this dream brought Daria to work in artificial intelligence development, turns out no one can avoid long hours of studying – even AI. Daria will explain how the artificial intelligence is built and taught with a study curriculum (just like one we have in schools) from data that each of you generate every day. She will explain the difference between different types of AI to show why AlphaZero is not likely to be a new Terminator, and what is the benefit of generalization of AI algorithms. Also, she will further explain why at GoodAI we believe in citizen science and how the effort of every contributor can speed up the search for general artificial intelligence through General AI Challenge, AI Roadmap Institute and Human-Level AI Conference.