GenAI Unleased: Transforming Data in Financial Insights

GenAI Unleashed: Transforming Data into Financial Insights

Join us for an enlightening LinkedIn Live session where we delve into the transformative power of Generative AI in the realms of finance, data analytics, and business roles.

This session is tailored for finance professionals, data experts, and business strategists seeking to leverage the latest AI advancements for better decision-making, forecasting, and innovative strategies.

Our panel of experts will guide you through real-world applications, emerging trends, and the future landscape of finance & data being reshaped by AI technologies.

Chris Ortega, CEO at Fresh FP&A
Vin Vashista, Founder at V Squared
Kate Strachnyi, Founder at DATAcated
Pras Chatterjee, Sr. Director Product Marketing, Planning & Analysis at SAP

3 Areas we will Cover:

1. Strategic Advantage through AI: Discover how Gen AI tools are enabling CFOs and data professionals to gain a competitive edge with predictive analytics, risk assessment, and market trend analysis, leading to more informed strategic decisions.

2. Data-Driven Innovation: Learn about the transformative impact of AI on data processing and analysis, allowing for more accurate forecasting, budget optimization, data aggregation, business insights, thus empowering data-driven decision-making in all companies.

3. Future of AI & Data Integration: Explore the evolving landscape of AI, including challenges, opportunities, and the skills required for professionals to remain ahead in a rapidly changing.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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