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Recorded on Mar 23 at GCP NEXT 2016 in San Francisco

Speakers (in order of appearance): Click on the time links to skip ahead to the speakers you would like to hear from.

[0:08] Sundar Pichai, CEO Google
[4:50] Diane Greene, SVP, Google
[20:57] Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman, Alphabet
[40:43] Urs Hölzle, SVP, Technical Infrastructure, Google
[56:00] Brian Stevens, VP, Google Cloud Platform
[56:50] Alan Boehme, CTO, The Coca-Cola Company
[1:03:50] Greg Wilson, Head of Developer Advocacy, Google Cloud Platform
[1:10:38] Greg Demichillie, Director, Google Cloud Platform
[1:25:40] Mike White, CTO & SVP, Disney Interactive
[1:31:07] Greg Demichillie, Director, Google Cloud Platform (Demo)
[1:39:28] Brian Stevens, VP, Google Cloud Platform (Data Products)
[1:42:42] Nicholas Harteau, VP, Infrastructure, Spotify
[1:58:43] Jeff Dean, Senior Fellow, Google



Nadeem Shaikh says:

Google Cloud has come a looong way!

Brian Smith says:

it's really awesome

whiznic nicwhiz says:

Google vision api looks nice

Vicki Roberts says:

Refreshing to know there are google folks of the assembler era :).

Willem Scheeres says:

Very interesting. Wish we could use it right away

Siddharth Kulkarni says:

Honest question, is GCP mature and feature rich enough to select over AWS?

Nirav Parekh says:

Did the setup of the Render Farm on GCP for Assemblage Entertainment PVT LTD for its movie Norm of the North.

Being a System Administrator, I have had a handful of Cloud service to work on. NxtGen, NxtraData, Sify, Amazon and GCP. Where in I found GCP, NxtGen and Amazon as a better serving Cloud Platform but all in all GCP provides a lot of Infra pre-installed and configured where in you just need to start your desired infrastructure and tweak according to your domain requirement and you are good to go. Thats what makes GCP is more focused about as Sundar Pichai said you don't need to be a software engineer to use GCP.

I hope to see more of GCP features and Infrastructure in coming years.

suraj behede says:

04:00 worked on the Norm of the north

chetan sheth says:

I have opened spotify and tried to register with it through facebook it has been almost 2 minute passed, but yet not get registration success message nor go to any dashboard or after logged in page! where is power of GCP?

Manuel Klarmann says:

It already took longer to announce anything concrete than the whole model3 presentation is… A little bit boring till now

hypn says:

What's most important is to understand all the implications of this trend in order to plan ahead.

Eng. Chrispinus Onyancha says:

I love this.

Христо Маринов says:

Прилича ми като близане на мед през стената на буркана!Колкото и да е вкусен в паметта ми,тоя не ми позволява да съпоставя собствения му вкус!
Същото е и с излъчвания в момента видео клип,чувам звук,гледам мърдащи се мен подобни същества,но съм далеко от същността на посланието им,тъй някой биещ се в гърдите,че обича човечеството е забравил да включи бутона за превод на всички езици!
Боли ме главата и сърцето от бърборещи същества в родината ми,така,че ще изключа клипът за да не се доумъртвя духовно!
Нашият народ мъдро е изказал по тоя въпрос думите"Ситият не мисли за гладните!"

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