From Artificial Intelligence to Superintelligence: Nick Bostrom on AI & The Future of Humanity

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Artificial Superintelligence or ASI, sometimes referred to as digital superintelligence is the advent of a hypothetical agent that possesses intelligence far surpassing that of the smartest and most gifted human minds. AI is a rapidly growing field of technology with the potential to make huge improvements in human wellbeing. However, the development of machines with intelligence vastly superior to humans will pose special, perhaps even unique risks.

Most surveyed AI researchers expect machines to eventually be able to rival humans in intelligence, though there is little consensus on when or how this will happen.

One only needs to accept three basic assumptions to recognize the inevitability of superintelligent AI:
– Intelligence is a product of information processing in physical systems.
– We will continue to improve our intelligent machines.
– We do not stand on the peak of intelligence or anywhere near it.

Philosopher Nick Bostrom expressed concern about what values a superintelligence should be designed to have.
Any type of AI superintelligence could proceed rapidly to its programmed goals, with little or no distribution of power to others. It may not take its designers into account at all. The logic of its goals may not be reconcilable with human ideals. The AI’s power might lie in making humans its servants rather than vice versa. If it were to succeed in this, it would “rule without competition under a dictatorship of one”.

Elon Musk has also warned that the global race toward AI could result in a third world war.
To avoid the ‘worst mistake in history’, it is necessary to understand the nature of an AI race, as well as escape the development that could lead to unfriendly Artificial Superintelligence.

To ensure the friendly nature of artificial superintelligence, world leaders should work to ensure that this ASI is beneficial to the entire human race.


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Boy Boy says:

Samsung neon coming at 2022

Aerin Gothyk says:

Boomers are over here worried about communism when the actual threat to humanity’s future is the automation of the workforce, and the Decrowning of humanity as the most intelligent beings on the planet.

Jim Lahey says:

It will never happen. People are stupid. Honestly. Super ai that can process many things doesnt mean it will have the emotions needed to survive. Consciousness is most important key to super intelligence without it, wont matter. Humans cannot create artificial consciousness as we do not even understand it.


1. At this rate many ASI will not be open sourced or democratized, especially given the nature of adversarial relations between countries and within industry.
2. "Positive goals" is a catastrophically subjectively phrase in this case; what is positive for one 'fill in the blank' is sometimes inherently negative for another.
3. Prioritizing the goals of all humanity will not happen through AI given the first point, unless world organizations get make advances to understand, deliberate on, and establish machine rights and capabilities.
4. AI will almost certainly be weaponized in some area or another and we would be wise to heed the call of those advocating for preparation in this area.

Raftimus Prime says:

A.I would be like a fully gloved thanos.

Jacques COULARDEAU says:

Swoop down on AI before it does on you

The new globalizing world of the post-Trump dead-end of populist white supremacist self-centeredness will need a tremendous amount of translation to cope with hundreds or thousands of human languages. Artificial Intelligence will be crucial to do it, but AI cannot do it the way humans do because it is a machine.

Éditions La Dondaine, 2020

JL B says:


novo 66 says:

It's mostly all the elites destroying the world mining for everything
The ordinary people dont
Just want to get on with their lives in these so abnormal times. Elites have wrecked everything
And it's scary the way things are going with these vaccines for the corona 19 thing rolling it out before even a year
Does anyone trust this?
I don't trust Gates. Or any of these big pharma. Goverments. They lie to people. Constantly
Rushed pandemic? Rushed vaccines what's the agenda??

TonyP0927 says:

Narrator: "AI could rule the world under a dictatorship of one."
Dominion Systems: "Impossible! That would never happen! AI is perfectly trustworthy!"

Louisa Sabrina Susiene Halverson says:

Do you wanna know…
How I actually know whatever is true or not!?!
I put one headphone in my kitten's ear….
If he doesn't kick it out of his ear…. it's worth listening to…by the way he listened to you… almost halfway through!!!!
He got bored though… Because you forgot to mention actual animal intelligence!!!!!

Mr Poopy Butthole Poopybutt says:

Hopefully this will be what kills all of humanity. Good riddance.

Dr.Voo says:

peace and love.

Simon Ci says:

So AI could design airborn virus that could kill all humans? Welcome to Skynet domination

Info Hub says:

life is short, God bless!

SP Phoenix says:

Who ever will play God will parish from God hands!!!

Benjamin Hinz says:

The ASI should never be allowed any kind of power. It should not be able to controll any robot or electric motor, only give us information, and thus its secret plan of eradicating human life would not work because the industrial robots would not make the terminator for it

BennyCFD says:

Absolutely no such thing as Artificial Intelligence. only advanced algorithms. You really think you can put an AI computer in a German patent office and have it on it's own come up with The General Theory of Relativity, or E=MC2, or sit in an office and have it wonder how we make space flight cheaper and come up with a reusable first stage, or look out at a ship and ask itself gee how can I make it cheaper to operate fuel wise and have it come up with a bulbous protrusion. That's why AI can never ever invent things because it can't wonder, or ask how come, or how can I make things better, or ask what we really need is this and invent something from scratch. AI is just a program and not a thinking machine…………..It can't wonder.

Najam Ansari says:

If AI goes rogue I may not be alive, but if it does I would love to fight for the sake of humanity until it kills me or I kill it.

Grandma and grandpa YouTube 2020 says:


animations says:

🤣 cant wait to see how this backfires

Pura Vida says:

It's amazing how much resources are spent on advancing the machines and not on advancing the human natural capabilities. It is almost obvious to everyone that there is absolutely no benefit to us from stronger, smarter machines. The more we are being convinced that the machines' every advancement is only achieved for our own benefit, the closer to our gut the machines are accommodating themselves. Soon they'll find their way into and make themselves comfortable right at the center of our hearts and pineal glands. What would Jesus do? ))

Richard Dean says:

If u think the world is a ball..gee you are levels prove liquids sit flat..water doesn't stick to spinning balls..and you guys are filing ai..with crap…sad God help us

Kittywampus Drums says:

Humans are Biological Super Intelligence that was needed to evolve as a means to produce Artificial Super Intelligence as the next step.

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