#FraudFactFriday Episode 15 with Daniel Faggella – AI in Financial Services

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Another episode of #FraudFactFriday Live! is in the books. Today, I discussed the topic of Artificial Intelligence with Daniel Faggella. Here is what we covered:

FraudFactFriday Fast Facts about Daniel – 2:17
Dan’s background – 3:37
Definition of AI – 5:00
Main takeaways and scope of AI podcast – 6:00
Why the fraud fighting community should be excited about AI – 12:35
How are fraudsters using AI – 17:50
Impact of AI on false positive and false negative alerts – 21:00
Deep fakes – 22:45
What does it take for true technology adoption – 27:30

Thanks Daniel for your time! One viewer said his comment and question didn’t come through during the broadcast – Another LinkedIn Live bug 😉 If you had similar issues, don’t hesitate to reach out to Dan or myself about this topic.


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