Fool Facial Recognition by "cloaking" your photos

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With new tools like Clearview AI or PimEyes, facial recognition seems to have become a greater risk to privacy than ever before.
That’s why students at the University of Chicago developed the open-source software “Fawkes”. It makes changes to photos on the pixel-level to distort a person’s facial features.

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Stock footage provided by Joseph Redfield, Pressmaster, Arvind Balagopal, Anastasia Shuraeva, Carlos Arribas, Kelly Lacy, fauxels, Ricardo Esquivel from Pexels
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“Hong Kong protests” image by Studio Incendo; Licensed under CC BY 2.0 ( ); No changes were made


Snake Plissken says:

The government can already scan your irises from street signs 30 ft away even if you are wearing sunglasses. They have your iris scan from your drivers license or state ID. I don't think it's been widely deployed yet, but its coming.

Otto says:

Make this run on an iPhone and you have something valuable. Running on a pc would only capture a small percentage of photos that are taken digitally.

Dodobird says:

should i check if my photos are in pimeyes by uploading a photo

Sir Derty ✓ says:

This is a great edit. thanks.

King Nachos4 says:

Nice video with top tier editing

Noor Okour says:

mom can i get good humanity that wont screw the world?
we have good humanity at home
good humanity at home:

Tom Condon says:

This technology reminds me of the technology that protected human facial recognition of drug dealers shown in the '80s on the news. They filmed them in low light, so their faces were obscured. I thought of how the images could be over-exposed, and reveal their faces. It wasn't long until everyone learned that you couldn't count on low light to disguise. The same will happen with, if not already.

Tacsa Elmas says:

hello when I put the photo on the application fawkes ,the applicaation stop and it's doesnt matter, are you have problem also ?

Tacsa Elmas says:

doesnt work,

Falbere! says:

Yeah well. Looks like I'm keeping my mask on even after the pandemic.

martine. mjt says:

Big brother!

Simply Human says:

apathetic citizens will do nothing to change laws.

32lkrpo2fjm says:

Grow a beard. Then shave it off. Or do like Groucho did, and paint a huge black moustache on your upper lip. If you walk around like he did too, then no one will be able to recognize you, or stop laughing.

Addy Hill says:

Video starts at 2:56

ebrahim alfardan says:

What? You want governments to stop violations of privacy? Governments are the main violators.

ADR3-N says:

Only a matter of minutes before anyone realizes china's social credit system is based on this same technology. Gilded prison is around the corner

Zack XD says:

2:54 first it was Tibet then it will be Hong Kong

Alkeryn says:

if the image can be recognized by a human, eventually no software could "cloak" it.

נחום שוב says:

The cloaking technology is brilliant, but as always the question is who uses it

amphitrite says:

Plot twist: if you search yourself in those websites using your image you get in the data bank even if you weren't before

Life (s)kills says:

Kann das sein das du Deutscher bist? Der Akzent killt mich halt total x)

Mel Mo says:

It's not too late for the rising generation who have yet to upload photos.

I like memes says:

How does nobody get that fawkes is a v for vendetta reference

Terry says:

well now I have to pull out one of my old halloween masks I guess

Ryan J says:

All these comments slamming the government warms my heart

slave No. 4028 says:

I mean, I never once uploaded a picture of myself on the internet and thought I was safe, but I guess it won't help much. They will most likely gather CCTV data as well.. oh right.. and my own FUCKING PHONE's camera, great… I know I should've kept a sticker on there

beets says:

am i ai they seem so different wtf

Default Dan says:

Hello there

StarWarsomania says:

And this is why I don't publish my pictures online!

Ralof says:

with each day i hate ai more and more

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