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Chinese artificial intelligence company Shanghai Zhizhen Intelligent Network Technology Co., Ltd., also known as Xiao-i, has filed a lawsuit against Apple Inc, alleging it has infringed on its patents.

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Ancient Bear says:

One thief robbing another thief.

PainDream HD says:

Universal Joke of the millennium

Rishi Sharma says:

The thumbnail is heavily misleading😂


First of all, all the countries affected by Corona should file a lawsuit against CHINA.

Ashwin Singh Rautela says:

Jane konsa maal phoonk raha hai popanda

Ashwin Singh Rautela says:

Comedy night show with xi ping ching

Ashwin Singh Rautela says:

Standup comedy with china

frank bullock says:

Whoever read this, remember there is always someone who loves you.

Ender says:

I think it's beyond ridiculous of western nations to let China use the rule of international law to their advantage, and also ignore it to their advantage.

A B says:

Didnt you hear that they stole the original blueprints from apple and registered patent on it

abhijit das says:

Boycott China and Chinese product as much as possible

SpudZnik Tube says:

Shit if we did the same everything China makes would be an infringement on American ideas and tech we just have them make it it’s our ideas

Bishal Chakraborty says:

This is chinese way to diverted the issue!!

vijayan tyag says:

Greetings of the day! The content of your thumbnail is NOT CORRECT. BILLION word is missing. Please correct it asap. Regards. Vijayant Tyagi

Rituraj Chattopadhyay says:

China has gotten mad after their technology is gonna be rejected over the world
And this is really THE JOKE OF THE CENTURY 😂🤣

Secil Rods says:

the whole sale dealer of stealing others technology china and company
is saying this

Ed Lee says:

China is the most thuggish nation on earth but at the same time, trying to be a gentleman.

Apt Map says:

That's the joke of the day, isn't it?

Nori Kawakami says:

Didn't know China have courts, means they have due process.

oneovercoocoo says:

China's philosophy – What's ours is ours. What's yours is ours.

gentlemen King says:

ha ha ha ….

ChrisMeredith says:

The world see's the scum that they are, there is no places for them. bye bye

Guillermo Lim says:

I like what China CCP is Doing to Apple as they file for a lawsuit, i just hope all of the world business and industries will do the same to China CCP now as they will hopefully file also a lawsuit in all the imitation that they have done to the world market including the damages of their CCP Wuhan Virus. Let us punished CCP for all of their crimes.

Dave Google says:

Hold my beer !! LMAO

Piyush Vishwakarma says:

It's like my friend copying from my paper and telling teacher, "mam, this guy is copying from me" !!! 🤣🤣

Martin P says:

CCP wins suit we already know how this goes.

Shiva B says:

That's so funny a Chinese claiming patent infringement 😂

Steven Thong says:

Great…would apple pay ?? If dont….close up apple mfg in china .

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