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The robot’s lifelike movement catches the attention of a real dog. The uncanny uncanine valley. This is the latest quadruped robot from Google’s Boston Dynamics group, and the only one in civilian hands. Another Video: Photos: And I revisited my post on the Google Master Plan, and sure enough, we see Robots → Skynet → Terminator → Google Security → User Happiness



Francisco Santos Santos says:

Ok muito legal

Mark Brockman says:

The dog's stance with both front legs forward and the head slightly lowered indicates he wants to play with the bot. If he was really suggesting it, he would keep his front legs stiff and straight and lower his shoulders, kinda making himself into a ramp, or bowing toward it. The operator makes the move as close as the bot can for just a fraction of a second when he kind of dances it. But since the jointing of the bot doesn't allow the "invite to play" stance, the actual gesture can't really be done correctly.
(Google it)

épinards & caramel says:

"The uncanny uncanine valley". Bravo, good sir, bravo.

Telowst wharf 614 says:

1:35 the robot dogs like I done this guys constant barking is annoying me he won't shut up I'm leaving

Maga Mma says:

Isn't it amazing, the dog reacts to a robot although it's just a bunch of metals. It makes you wonder what humans are, same puppets but consisting of another material

FlewUp! says:

Dog is clearly understanding what is going on! Time to stop it!

Veera Rajendran says:

how many of u forgot that it's a robot?

sam lebon says:

How did they make the dog?

Greatest Ever says:

"Man vs machine"…..the fuck you saying bro??

killafocker says:

Could someone shut that dog up

Bill Chrenko says:

*The dogs like : "Look at yourself man! My God, what have they done to you ? …and I thought getting spayed was bad ! "

GazzilAussie says:

Where are all the "FAKE" comments…. maybe 2017 is coming to a end and people are waking up to technology is actually real.

Joe Blow says:

Even the dog knows that thing is an abomination. It also probably hates the noise.

Frank und Frei says:

The terrier has a big heart!!!!

sofia angel says:

i will subscribe every one who subscribe mr

days orange says:


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