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Facial recognition technology will transform the way we live in 2018. Machines that can read and recognise our faces will go mainstream, opening up exciting possibilities and posing new dangers

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In 2018 machines that can read your face will go mainstream, changing the way we live. Your face will become your password, unlocking smartphones and bank accounts, but the technology will also have the power to covertly track your movements.

It will even be able to guess your sexuality through facial features alone. In 2018 we'll be forced to face the future.

The human face has an astonishing variety of features which not only help us recognize others, but read and understand them through a constant flow of intentional and unintentional signals. It's one of the unique functions that separates man from machine, until now.

Pioneering facial recognition technology hasn't yet hit the mainstream. In 2018 it will be in our pockets. But using your face to unlock your phone is just the beginning.

In the suburbs of Israel's financial center, Tel Aviv, a team of engineers is at the forefront of a technological revolution. They're teaching machines to read faces.

The software has the power to identify one face from millions in under one second and it's this precision that makes the technology an effective new tool for surveillance.

Retail stores are using this technology to generate data on customers; tracking their shopping habits and targeting in-store adverts. Churches are even using facial recognition to monitor attendance, and one school in the UK wants to use it to keep tabs on teachers.

There's one country that's ahead of the game, China. Companies have access to a government image database of 700 million people, half its population. But there's the potential for more sinister applications. Researchers have shown that your face can point to your sexuality.

This new ability to record, store, and analyze images of faces on a vast scale will fundamentally change notions of privacy, fairness, and trust.

But tech companies are forging ahead with their plans to make facial recognition an everyday part of our lives.

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Tom Meyers says:

What about the 13% who commit all the crime?


This is the gaming science

Susan Diane Howell says:

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surferdjnj says:

umm no, facial recognition won't change the way we live, that's just completely asinine to even say out loud. Why would anyone want their face to unlock a phone instead of information inside of your head. It's amazing we survived having to find the remote every time we needed to change the channel.

John Taylor says:

"Change our lives"
And not for the better.

Antoinette says:

the east system all demonic from satan himself stay away people its a trap

Tara Gragg says:


Bastiat in the Andes says:

Welcome the industry of smart masks.

Kevin González says:

1 piece from the New World Order.

Chandran Venkat says:

Who else r watching in 2019??

Frank Martinez says:

This technology only works on Caucasian’s and Asians only, not blacks.

Neil P71 says:

The bad guys will simply disguise their faces in so many ways. Technology is a great tool that can lead law enforcement, military, and/or intelligence analysts in the right direction, as far as an ongoing investigation, but ultimately humans will have to make the decisions, not technology.

Dante C says:

I doubt this works on asians…they all look alike. Bwahahha…its a joke people relax.

Mansoor Khan says:

hey now you can aslo create your 3d face like this , https://jvz8.com/c/1257415/132485

James Fadden says:

This is very big brother

Martina Martins says:

I hate this facial recognition on phones because I have a twin.. 😂😂😅😅

Gregório Henrique Sá Barreto says:

“If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—for ever.”

― George Orwell, 1984

nicholas williams says:

If I wear a burqa this will not work lol

nicholas williams says:

it's not text, it's a vector

nicholas williams says:

Building a facial recognition system is pretty easy

Renee S says:

My last day Driver's License mapped my mug.

Renee S says:

What happens as we change through age, weight, sickness, etc.?

Decoding the Deception says:

Facial Recognition – Break From The Herd! https://youtu.be/Tf7whTqQy0E

IamKorry That’sme says:

It’s here👀

Mau says:

Say goodbye to the little privacy you have now. forever.

Gela Faith Cortado says:

Why facial recognition is important in the 2018 World?

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