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jaa yee says:


mahendra sekar says:

Slow process

DNS 123 says:

Cmon Mercia,
make ONE of these!!!!!

달무극 says:

콘크리트 가루로 만드는 기계도 있어야할듯

John caldwell says:

do a dump truck

John caldwell says:

do a shool bus

Mary Jane says:

ok, i need you to pick up this stone, move it 12 feet that way and then crush it.
sounds like busywork lol

MrDrakePrice says:

Abody else laugh at "30 cm Dicke"

Francisco Andre says:


Sin D'Angelo says:

Did anyone else chuckle a little at 30cm Dicke?

Maurizio Candido says:

io se ntosto la pisciolla faccio danni

Maurizio Candido says:

io sfrantumo col culo: ho la canna del culo rigata e sparo certe vaiane che spacco un muro di un metro e mezzo in cemento armato

Miriam Maldonado says:

Slowly but surely…😨

Marcos Oliveira says:

Virgínia nem me Go fumaça Cargill login hora filmes Hong fui homologado migrem com Hugh ninguém em vila NF conforme

Peter Campbell says:

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远李 says:

这也忒简单粗暴了吧…… –!

J-Y Mailhot says:

Très instructif! Merci

50 bottols of oil says:

But hamara bharat itna aage Nahi hai

GANGA B0REWELLS KARKALA Udupi District Karnataka says:

Super all machines

s.p Q.R says:

yo que hago aca

M N Momen says:

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hicham Venezia says:

عنك تنهتتتًً. تاغورتنمًهننىًوً للباتراتت الترااننتترت

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