Ep 25: One Moment of Personal Introspection Away from Intellectual Ping-Pong

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Daniel is a passionate entrepreneur, who has founded multiple tech and ecosystem ventures. He’s been named Germany’s, Austria’s and Switzerland’s top talent under 25, is a TEDx speaker, Global Shaper, and a frequent advisor to governmental organizations and larger corporations. Currently, Daniel oversees the Kairos Society in Europe as its president, a community, summit, and ‘impact amplifier’ of the world’s most outstanding entrepreneurs. Daniel is furthermore working on launching a 9-figure blockchain-driven fund at Project Investment Group, an investment firm with 3.2 billion euros under management, where he serves as a supervisory board member. Daniel has built three companies: Emoti, EWOR, and Unlimitix.

You can read more about this episode here: https://bwmissions.com/blog/daniel-dippold-podcast

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