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When we think of the future of technology, we often imagine gadgets that will make us go faster. But some of the truly exciting developments will be around gadgets that help us with the tricky aspects of our emotional lives. If you like our films take a look at our shop (we ship worldwide):

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xHigx says:

So basically we are going to create a real God to take care of us… with a bit of lucky this one will not threaten us with hell

Stella A. says:

This is so wrong in so many ways…

Marilou Moonlight says:

We're living in a fallacious world…

Lolita Martin says:

This shall never happen promise

Lolita Martin says:

This shall never happen promise

Dylan Buchman says:

The people in the comments here really are making lots of negative suppositions about the nature of these types of technologies, only a few of which are specified in this video–and which I think are probably unrealistic. I can't imagine a device could ever be created that could explain all the facets of our minds to us like Socrates or the mood reader. The mood reader would be an incredibly useful tool to tell us what feelings we are having at any given time, and to be able to share them with other people, but it couldn't give explanations for them. Technology can't know thoughts–only chemistry. And Socrates couldn't be a substitute for self-examination or tell us exactly what we should do at any given moment to feel better or be more productive, it wouldn't have the kind of personal insight to do that. But it could help us think in more positive ways and be more self-discerning. The career and partner finders sound awesome too, but they wouldn't be able to create the perfect personal or career profile, or be able to tell you the differences people see in the same position under every possible set of circumstances. But despite all of the things the technologies could not do, they would still be really useful tools to help guide us, if we choose them. A lot of people seem to be going with the video's partner-finder prediction that everyone will be on it, and presuming we will be coerced into using it. No one said these technologies are going to be under government control–and no one said people would be forced to use them any more than people are forced to use any technology today. Governments should be forbidden control of them, and if they're going to use them, to take them for what they are–instructive but imperfect, as should everyone else. No one's freedom needs to be taken away for these kinds of utilities to exist. There are reasons to fear these kinds of things just like there are reasons to fear the technology we use today, that doesn't equate this to Pandora's box.

Dylan Buchman says:

Damn I want to live in this world

Miao De Kat says:

isnt this the mood organ imgained by Philip.k. Dick In do androids of electric sheep?

Robin Andres Martinez Belteton says:

Lets say, your info is safe, would you use it? would you think it has value?

Gillian Millwood says:

This sounds like how the society in brave new world was introduced to people.

Sarayu Sarayu says:

I especially loved (III) Socrates! Imagine: your own personal life coach =!

FrostWight says:

This is great! What a useful, creative idea: emotional technology! It really gets the mind and heart racing.

Sean Patrick says:

This is tongue-in-cheek. Perfect.

Kawya Chandrasekara says:

There is both pisitive and negative aspects of this technology.But what I believe is that though humans have to use these technologies , it is better not to addict to technology. Humans should not depend on these kind of technology.

Mica Pingaro says:

it is all very interesting…. but three huge questions arise from this:
1. how are these devices going to deal with ethical dilemmas as they come up? who's well being will they prioritize and to what extent?
2. how (and why) on earth are you going to convince humans to give this a try and actually LISTEN to these methods.. it's a gimmick for the currently useless shrink "I went to the shrink and he didn't help me at all"…
3. how do you plan to deal with the new psychological crisis that will take place now: "I have NO control or knowledge over my own being"?

nevertheless, interesting

Invariably Liveliness says:

It's only for English spoken people.

Zena B says:

Here’s a crazy idea: Mother Nature knows what speed we can handle evolution better than we do. Emotional evolution is happening organically without a need for tech.

The whole species in a database…just for dating? Not realistic. Data is the modern form of power. My alarm bells are saying Danger!

Dhanesh Pareek says:

I would never want this kind of future

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