Emotion Detection from Speech Signals

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Despite the great progress made in artificial intelligence, we are still far from having a natural interaction between man and machine, because the machine does not understand the emotional state of the speaker. Speech emotion detection has been drawing increasing attention, which aims to recognize emotion states from speech signal. The task of speech emotion recognition is very challenging, because it is not clear which speech features are most powerful in distinguishing between emotions. We utilize deep neural networks to detect emotion status from each speech segment in an utterance and then combine the segment-level results to form the final emotion recognition results. The system produces promising results on both clean speech and speech in gaming scenario.


Frédérik Schenker says:

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krishna chauhan says:

Did he define weighted and unweighted accuracies correctly

Sachin Nekkanti says:

Why jian Yang is here?

kimjeanw says:

For those that are looking for the paper, I'm pretty sure it's this one –
Speech Emotion Recognition Using Deep Neural Network and Extreme Learning Machine


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Paulo Eduardo Dias da Silva says:

Can you please share your paper with me?

Penghao Rao says:

How can I know the title of this paper, I can't find the paper by search the key word "Emotion Detection from Speech Signals"


Please provide me your project report as I'm also working on similar project.

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