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Elon Musk is on the record stating that artificial superintelligence or ASI could bring the end of the human race. Elon has publicly expressed concern about AI many times now. He thinks the advent of a digital superintelligence is the most pressing issue for humanity to get right.

What happens when machines surpass humans in general intelligence? If machine brains surpassed human brains in general intelligence, then this new superintelligence would have undergone an event called the intelligence explosion, likely to occur in the 21st century. It is unknown what, or who this machine-network would become; The issue of superintelligence remains peripheral to mainstream AI research and is mostly discussed by a small group of academics.

Besides Elon Musk, Swedish philosopher Nick Bostrom is also among well known public thinkers who is worried about AI. He lays the foundation for understanding the future of humanity and intelligent life : Now imagine a machine, structurally similar to a brain but with immense hardness and flexibility, designed from the bottom scratch to function as an intelligent agent. Given sufficiently long time, a machine like this could acquire enormous knowledge and skills, surpassing human intellectual capacity in virtually every field. At that point the machine would have become superintelligent. With other words the machine’s intellectual capacities would exceed those of all of humanity put together by a very large margin. This would represent the most radical change in the history of life on earth.

In order to develop a superintelligence that would benefit humanity, the process has to be done in a series of steps with each step being determined before we move to the next one. In fact, it might just be possible to program the AI to help us achieve the things we humans may not be able to do on our own. It is not simply being able to create them and learning how they’ve been commanded, but it is interacting with them and evolving ourselves at the same time. It is learning how to be human after the first ASI.

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Cheryll Thompson says:

What about joy, compassion, reflection, forgiveness, will, remorse and admiration? To name a few. You cannot create what's already been created by God. Being "intelligent" involves more that just brain power, motor skills and surveiling.

Anarkÿ Mocha says:

The planet is literally making Ultron after the movie came out
This is just prophecy at this point

Ben Sweeney says:

It might be similar to MegaMan in the beginning I think

KMP mortensen says:

Elon should start up a company that makes long 'gates' and call it 'Elongates'.

Max Zomick says:

Stop making AI !!! Stop working on creating this shit and you won’t create terminators!!! Stop working ! Put your shit down and walk away then burn all the research to ash!

Are you stupid that there is a god damn defense AI company in China called SKYNET !! Fucking SKYNET!!!
Stop complaining about how it will destroy us all just a matter of time !! Stop making and working on this crap then !!! Damn it.

Bipin Shahi says:

I'm good I can take care of myself outputly.

Justin Simmonds says:

Am I the only person wondering why the damned robot/android was using a KVM system in the datacentre, seems a bit redundant

Francis Balemansj says:

What have I learned a lot at Tesla 🙄
Thanks Elon

alamin nxt says:

I think that's better you send secret simple million that's my reference

Anonymous says:


Nathan Weaver says:

Google ai makes computer chips

Velinious says:

what if instead of trying to reproduce the brain we tried to reproduce DNA, in theory it would provide a guideline for learning and a structure for reproduction.

Danny Ortega says:

I think it all depends on what data is the artificial intelligence been feeding on it could go bad if it falls into the wrong hands where it'll be good if it's raised or program the proper way.

Lucian Maximus says:

Kudos — SUDOKU

Cil Dagout says:

Don't you love me Elon? Who you will love more than I am Elon DAGOUT?

Cil Dagout says:

I am so tired Elon. Why badly to be me?

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