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The tech billionaire tweets about the famous cognitive scientist’s comprehension of artificial intelligence.
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Elon Musk Responds To Harvard Professor Steven Pinker’s Comments On A.I. | CNBC



immortal sk says:

Than wt about open ai

Josh Sasha says:

Musk is The Boss.

erik shure says:

What's the rest of Pinker's quote here? I'd like some context.

Global Digital Direct Subsidiarity Democracy says:

Even narrow AI is dangerous in other ways.

Global Digital Direct Subsidiarity Democracy says:

Pinker is a total moron.

Sphere723 says:

General AI seems to be the same thing as Laplaces demon. Neither can exist.

Bruce Dufelmeier says:

Stephen Hawking agrees with Pinker “the effort to create thinking machines poses a threat to our very existence” even as he was surviving and communicating due to artificial intelligence. I don’t think Elon or Pinker really disagree. Elon believes functional AI can be used safely to serve humanity while Pinker believes once started there is no turning back. Hawking, Pinker and Musk are all in basic agreement. The danger is in the stopping point which is very nuanced and without any controlling body. The genie is out of the bottle.

waterglass21 says:

Can someone explain me why AGI is a potential problem?

Bren Lynne says:

Captain Obvious: AI development begins with functional/narrow, and could lead to general. Pinker is saying, if Musk is concerned where that pursuit could end, he might hesitate to start.

LS D says:


I suspect some foul play at work here from the journalist who did the interview.

Steven's short paragraph on AI is vague and doesn't even make cohesive sense on its own so I suspect he must have had an extensive answer but the interviewer probably took this quote out because he knew itd get some publicity.

Journalists generally, are fickle and immoral people who will do anything for some extra publicity especially as the field gets more diluted and competitive with the internet. if you dont believe me go on the interview yourself and try to make sense of what Steven says based on this paragraph alone.

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