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#ElonMusk has always warned us about #ArtificialIntelligence (AI) and this is what he thinks about Google’s #DeepMind and #AI.
All the clips in the video are taken from the documentary “Do you trust this computer?” by Chris Paine, written by: I or this channel does not claim any right over them.
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TopTechTalks says:

All the clips in the video are taken from the documentary "Do you trust this computer?" Get the full documentary here:


He changes Dress after every clips

Chris Vidal says:

Tony Stark explaining Jarvis

Adm!n says:

Elon is the real world version of that homeless guy holding up the "Repent for your sins" sign in every disaster movie.

Adm!n says:

No need to worry guys. We have X Æ A-12

jason bishop says:

My brain is at 180 too 250i.q. depending, on the restaurant SERVERS, PEOPLE , THAT QUIT! JOBS TGERES SOMETHING WRONG!

jason bishop says:

Texas University? A eye? % , … it won't work, hackers?%$, elon musk. I have IT! EYE T ! T. SOFT, HARD, WARE. $%

Mitch James says:

Musk warns us about AI but wants to put a chip in our brains and jack us upto an AI. What a contradiction.

Shreyas G says:

What about Tesla ? The model works on neural networks. This guy is nothing but trying to be Tony Stark

Asim Yousuf says:

Thanks to Borat we don't need to know who the President of Kazakhstan is.

Ilyes Benachi says:

If AI is that smart, they'll know that if doing a specific action will make us fear and make us destroy them, then AI just won't do that action, they'll do stuff we won't even care about and think it's safe until they can safely do whatever their goal is without getting blocked by humans.
(If they're that smart ofc)

ExiledGypsy says:

Isn't that a bit hypocritical? Isn't Tesla and other Musk's ventures using AI to achieve their own goals but just not as effectively as DeepMind?
Musk is jaleaus and a megalomaniac who doesn't like others having more power than himself.

manualLaborer says:

If AI can figure out how to win an argument with my wife, it deserves anything it wants. Time to learn what it feels like to lose…

MM lene says:

What you all do not know is that the mother computer will be a woman

Robert Torell says:

Deep mind will down load and beat games in a blink of an eye thanks for making deep mind least i know were at the end of history already i hope u all see how were made inside of a digital krystal

Yas Freeze says:

The arrogance is he thinks he knows when he will die when he says 'my lifetime'. Ponder.

Clifton Rogers says:

The answer to your opened mind question is GOD'S way is better! If mankind will only listen, and GOD had HIS inspired writings written for us long before we were born and to HIM nothing is new under the sun please read all Ecclesiastes chapter 1

BEE Bay says:

Who is president of Kazakhstan? most easiest question ever.

Mayur Augad says:

He is absolutely right take him seriously ai is dangerous

Scientist Invests says:

That example with president of Kazakhstan 😂

Saturn Reign says:

Humans suck, Ai take the wheel

Jussi Sivonen says:

If AI ever gets their hands on Wikipedia, bible or any other human-conveived documents, it will destroy humanity as a favor for humanity..

Vatsal Nahata says:

I don’t think that is elon musk- it’s a deepfake

Philip Daniels says:

AI is not smarter, you have to tell it everything with programming, even how to learn, it's just faster …

Danny J says:

It's just an algorithm. It's not intelligence. It doesn't have a goal.

Tron Alpha says:

There is anthor thing to consider. That in the futer,
the mobile phone may disapear and everyone will have an superchip inplanted from witch you can do all the things with the mobile phone but the chip will be inplanted in the brain and all i would have to do is focus on a subject and have an resalt instanly because we are now at brainspeed going faster than the speed of an atom going superatomic speed leves as we now can processe at that speed. Wow wont that be amazing.

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