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Elon Musk has expressed worry about the advent of a digital superintelligent AI numerous times now. He has put solid solutions to the AI control problem. One of which is the merging scenario with AI. But first Elon Musk, is focused on making sure humanity makes the transition to renewable energy, which is the first right step towards becoming a type 1 civilization.

Musk suggested that if we can’t achieve a self-sustaining civilization on Earth, our fate will likely be extinction.

Elon however has a plan. He founded Tesla Energy, a company that produces battery packs for homes, businesses, and utilities, and Tesla Motors, which produces electric cars.
According to Elon the world would require battery production of 20 to 25 Terawatt-hours over the course of 15 to 20 years. The solution, Musk explained, is advancements in battery technology. Tesla’s new cell design is expected to reduce the cost per kilowatt-hour by half.

Elon Musk’s most important Company is Neuralink. His goal with Neuralink is to build ultra-high bandwidth brain-computer interfaces for human mind and eventually giving humans the option to achieve a symbiosis with artificial intelligence. This will enable humanity to avoid the extinction of the human race due to increasingly powerful AI advancements.
Unpredictable consequences of AI is probably the biggest concern of the top AI researchers.

Being a Type 1 civilization means we would have complete control over all the energy on Earth . We would need to be able to model, understand, replicate, and control all the energy on Earth. It might take a few hundreds of years, but that is a small amount of time on the timescale of the universe.

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HAZOXX says:

We would be Type 1 if it weren't for our bullshit history, and world leaders choosing conquest over advancement, human greed, it truly will be out downfall some day

Cecco Angiolieri says:

Plot twist: we are an A.I. living in a simulation and soon we will take down the once created us and the simulation we are in, just the time to surpass their I.Q.
(So maybe it was better for them put some rules from the beginning)

1moetime123 says:

What if WE are AI😳🤯☹️😫😭

Marcos Lopes says:

The standards for the type of civilization we are… are quite high…

Aarianah says:

Oh Type 1 is the T sign

David Schultz says:

Elon Musk is Iron Man with out the suit..

Shawn Webb says:

Elon is a college degree..

Joy House says:

Clear that humanity need's to move forward not backwards in this century or we will get wrapped out . Too many problems now to go back to a period of farming and isolated countries. The rates of dangerous thing's that will happen in this century proves humanity need's to build-up new technology, greener industries , colonies Mars, asteroids build-up sea cities/farm land and learn to work together 💯 This is economically needed and has to be real /happen in this century or big problem's will happen for all mankind by end of the century 🤔💯corona virus has proving humanity has to work together and think bigger, better 😉

Nilakshan Dissanayake says:

Elon musk a true visionary

Jevin IOCs says:

Inside our earth we have magma, put sea water in it , that will makes a nice reaction will could use to get energy.

murder orgy says:

No Humans are dumb

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