ELIE HABIB: Anghami, Augmented Intelligence & Arab Music | Sarde (after dinner) Podcast #78

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إيلي حبيب هو الرئيس التقني وأحد مؤسسي تطبيق أنغامي، أكبر منصة للإستماع إلى الموسيقى في الشرق الأوسط، حيث لديها أكثر من 180 موظف و 72 مليار أغنية. في عام 2022، أصبحت أول شركة عربية تكنولوجية تسجل في بورصة ناسداك.

تحدثنا في هذه السردة عن:
– قصة أنغامي: رحلة طويلة للوصول إلى بورصة ناسداك
– الموسيقى في العالم العربي: الجيد، السيئ والقرصنة
– تحليل العلاقة الفنية بين المغني، المنصة والمستمع
– ما هي المعلومات التي تكشفها بيانات أنغامي عن السلوك البشري، الموسيقى والأنماط

Elie habib is the CTO and Co-Founder of Anghami, the Middle East’s largest music streaming platform with over 180 employees, 72 million songs. In 2022, Anghami has become the first Arab tech company to be listed on NASDAQ Stock Exchange.

In this Sarde, we spoke about the following:
– The Story of Anghami: a decade long journey to NASDAQ
– Music in the Arab World: The good, the bad & the pirated
– Breaking down the commercial and creative relationship between artist, platform & listener
– What insights Anghami’s data gives us about human behavior, music and patterns

Sarde (noun), [Sa-r-de]: A colloquial term used in the Middle East to describe the act of letting go & kicking off a stream of consciousness and a rambling narrative.

The Sarde After Dinner Podcast is a free space based out of the heart of Beirut, Lebanon, where Médéa Azouri & Mouin Jaber discuss a wide range of topics (usually) held behind closed doors in an open and simple way with guests from all walks of life.

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Created by Médéa Azouri & Mouin Jaber
Executive Producer Rita Choueifati
Edited by Dana Abdessamad
Translated by Elodie Finestres, Sissi Baba & Joelle Saliba
Subtitling by Image Production House

Here are the timestamps:
0:00 Anghami in Numbers
4:04 Podcasting & Anghami
5:42 How people got music pre-streaming
12:41 Anghami: The beginning
18:19 The 1st streaming platforms were illegal (piracy)
23:39 Anghami App: Version 1.0
31:14 The war on music piracy
34:35 How the infrastructure of music streaming was built
43:56 How the artist can make money from Anghami
46:36 What Anghami’s data reveals the market
51:19 Anghami’s algorithm: A combination of the human taste and efficiency of artificial intelligence
53:33 The genius of Kanye West and his contribution to the remix era
59:38 The alarmingly low amount of Arabic Music compared to the rest of the world
1:11:54 Why are Amr Diab’s songs exclusively on Anghami?
1:21:22 How Anghami made it to NASDAQ
1:23:22 How to motivate the team in Lebanon amid collapse and crises
1:37:22 Is the tech market saturated?
1:42:56 Anghami never gave up hope in Lebanon