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Артём Коноплёв says:

Любопытненькая хренотулинка (или хренотулька). ☺☺☺ thank for video. И ещё спасибо за оглавление (содержание), за тайм-коды, а то за раз все 4 часа не посмотрел. Да и то, не сплошняком смотрел, многое проматывал, перепрыгивал.

MrUranium238 says:

these robots are slowwwww   ,  if they were to rescue someone… they'd be dead by then .

Aidan R. Fitzpatrick says:

Why tf is it mono audio?

Is monkey Jap says:

Japanese=monkeys ^*^

Le Bublerkin says:

Why are they soooo sloooow? Is Boston Dynamics the only company who makes fast robots?

Samson Kaph says:

Anyone else agree, this video needs to be edited into a montage……

13themusicman says:

is this AI?

TheOldManEric says:

Crush… Kill… Destroy… Fall over….

texasrussian 100 says:

Yaaaaawnnn…  Watching amateur golf is less boring.  No worries about the Matrix or Terminators in my or grandchildren's lifetime….

Barry Brookshire says:

That's just straight embarrassing … all that money dumped into robotics and this is the result? Joke. We aren't even close to producing a usable robot … muahhaha …

Paul Middleton says:

alot of the failures are down to pilot errors. most of the time. taking one step instead of 2. and trying to do things 1 step at a time makes them loose balance. they need to put more trust into there machines. the autonomous way of the running man robot is a great way to go. but still needs work taking the pilot out of the works altogether.

Paul Middleton says:

1:26 before i saw a robot move. running man robot. runningman robot is really cool.

Paul Middleton says:

i love robotics. but all you see in these videos is people standing around with there finger stuck up there arse doing nothing but talking. kinda sucks.

Vahid Aghaei says:

what i learned is that the Darpa can't make and upload a proper video.

Jeb Kerman says:

I guess my right ear doesn't get any of the action?

Anson Mansfield says:

No. I care exactly 0 about the sea perch thing. THis video is supposed to be about the DRC Finals. Downvote.

WrongRealities says:

Runningman's first job was squirting ketchup

synergestic says:

Are these robots acting on their own? If that's the case, it's pretty impressive!

Li Qin says:

We're trying to mesmerize the kids into becoming weapons engineers so that we can make more kills tomorrow. The great american dream really means MORE DEATH!

doug ohboy says:


Yama Kazoo says:

My great great granny could have done a better job. I really thought modern robots would be a bit more advanced than this pathetic display. And rofl at 3:00:20, that was just hilarious!

neurotoksin says:

My left ear enjoyed this – my left ear thanks DARPA 🙂

PIGGY says:

2:17:25    me coming home drunk as a monkey!

DigUpSkulls says:

If these things went any slower they'd be going backwards.

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