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A spot showing what voice recognition is capable of these days



Tia La Phunci says:

2018… haha fuck yall luzers from the past hehe!! Some old ass comments here… Nearly ten years

Jenna Reed says:

WAAAAY to many glitches. i think they secretly type it and try to hide it

Clanky Balls says:


Clanky Balls says:

I would of bought this product but when I see the 5 min commercial 10 times a day I hope this shit fails so hard so I don't have to see these damn commercials anymore!

Katie S says:

I seriously doubt it 🙂

Drakanyel says:

And of course, the female uses it to search for a cooking recipe so she can go back to the kitchen even faster ! Thanks Dragon !

Sypher says:

I wanna see a white person use it, "Pip pip cheerio I believe my scones have been dipped in too much jewelry. I better get my shoe tier to get me 500 more."

Jerome Krammes says:

I'm black and I don't speak that way.

Dehwid Gifico says:

I'm typing 600 characters per minute, mattafacka! °_°

Jonathan says:

I wanna see a black person use it, "yo dawg how u gunna aks me bout dem hoes. Ain't shit but bitches sluts shawty."

BurrenMorholt says:

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baggleman says:

i install it! this is one piece of shit

Thor Mjollnir says:

Is it better than Siri or Google?

Akhu says:

Where did you get that glowing cube from? And where can I buy one?

h2gobro says:

computer go to

mlsdc08 says:

just use Windows 7 speech recognition, it works the same way, . . or better, . . :/

NA Shouri says:

0:54 Dragon recognized "how it works" in his final sentence before he even said it? o.o

Centurion480 says:

him him him him him him him him him him him him him

EternalSearcher says:

Okay it sucks for one simple reason: you can't use it in office. Instead, learn to type faster. It's possible and it's easy and it will allow to type at speed fast enough to amaze others.

Marzy8000 says:

Yes you can use it on mac

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